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Recycled Paper Pens
Recycled Paper Pens
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Recycled Zermatt Copper Vacuum Bottles
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Eco Pen Highlighters
Eco Pen Highlighters
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Seedstick 10 Packs
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Eco-Friendly Promotional Products and Eco-Friendly Merchandise

Environmentally friendly promotional products make for greener promotions and positive impressions of your brand.  With more and more focus on friendly environmental and ethical supply chains by Australians, this category of products is only going to get more popular. It's a great way to align your brand values with your customer's values, creating a marketing experience that delights and engages the recipient.

In this gallery, you will find a variety of products including pens, reusable drinkware, bags, recycled notepads, eco corporate gifts and more. All of which can be custom branded with your company logo or message.

Whether it's garnering attention at a trade show, showing appreciation to your staff or as a sales tool to increase sales and customer retention there are options to fit your needs.

Why should you use Branded Sustainable Products?

The "green revolution" continues to shape Australian purchasing decisions, with younger people seeking out brands that are both sustainable and ethical.  Eco-friendly products are now more important in both the retail and promo space, moving away from single-use plastics towards reusable alternatives and natural materials.

Increased concerns about climate change and pollution have resulted in legislation like the banning of plastic bags, recycling refund schemes and subsidies for electric vehicles.

Put your best foot forward by investing in eco-friendly marketing methods that get noticed.

Eco-products send a strong message about your company's culture and get used more often.  Give them away at trade shows, events, conferences or to valued staff/clients as a corporate gift to build relationships and brand awareness.

To learn more about eco promotional merchandise speak with a promotional marketing specialist by requesting a quote or calling on 1300 303 717.

What makes a product environmentally friendly?

There are a number of ways branded merchandise can be environmentally friendly:

Recycled Promotional Products (RPP) products are made from recycled materials.

Australian Made Products (AMP) is any product where the main components or cost components are locally made. This cuts the carbon required to transport the product thus making it a bit friendlier to the environment.

Carbon Offset Product (COP) is a product that has its carbon footprint calculated and offset by the planting of trees.

Waste Reducing Product (WRP) is a promotional item that encourages a reduction in single-use product waste. They can be reused.

Green Educating Product (GEP) is an item that educates or reinforces a green or environmentally friendly message.

Green Promotional Product (GPP) is a product that has a positive effect on the environment.


What are sustainable promotional products?

Sustainable promotional products are items that provide environmental, social and economic benefits over their lifetime. This could mean they're made from renewable raw materials, replace single-use plastics or are ethically sourced. Examples of this include eco tote bags, organic clothing, reusable coffee cups, water bottles and recycled notebooks.

What are the most popular branded sustainable products?

The best-selling environmentally friendly promotional products are currently reusable drink bottles, reusable coffee cups and promotional products made from bamboo. Organic cotton tees are also picking up in popularity.

Are these products printed with renewable energy?

It will depend on which factory where your products are coming from, many use 100% renewable energy for all of their operations. We will always try to prioritise decoration using renewable energy wherever available.

What should I do with leftover or old promotional products?

It's a great idea to upcycle your old merch. We recommend you do one of the following: repurpose, donate or recycle them. You can read more about this in our blog post.