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Reusable Shopping Bags

With plastic bans in effect for most of Australia these shopping bags are a smart opportunity to promote your organisation and help the planet!  They're great value for money and offer a large print area for an effective promotion.

Promotional Reusable Shopping Bags

Custom printed reusable shopping bags are an effective way of getting your logo seen on a regular basis.  Recent legislation has resulted in the banning of plastic bags from supermarkets and retail shops - this has created an excellent marketing opportunity for organisations that are smart with their marketing efforts.  Not only does choosing printed re-usable grocery bags positively impact the environment by reducing the amount of plastic we use, they are reusable which is exactly what you want from a promotional bag!  Providing impressions over and over again.  This is why we strongly suggest using something like this over one use paper or plastic bags.

Printed Grocery Bags

In this range you'll find a variety of bags that can be used for your grocery shopping including: Jute bags, calico bags, cotton bags, foldable shopping bags and more!  If you're after backpacks and other types of bags we also have you covered!  They will get seen by the person using the bag as well as other shoppers in the supermarket or shopping centre.

Not just for shopping!  These bags are also a great way to hold other promotional items or use them as a pack at your next trade show or event coupled with some other giveaway items.

Promotional Tote Bags with Logo

All of the bags you see in this category are custom printed with your logo on a large decoration area for maximum marketing impact.  They're available in a range of options from express production that are produced and delivered to you ASAP or if you're planning on buying in bulk can have your order done factory direct - allowing you to save big on your promotional tote bag order!

Why promote a major supermarket when you go shopping when you can get the same style Coles and Woolies bags with your logo instead?  The choice and benefits for a promo tote bag is easy!

Ordering your Tote Bags

Getting your order underway for shopping bags with your logo is easy!  Either request a quote from the website and we will be in touch or email us at sales@promotionproducts.com.au or call us at 1300 303 717!



What is a promotional tote bag?

It is a large carry bag with handle that is used for carrying a number of items.  They are printed usually with a company logo for marketing benefits and are a commonly used to increase branding awareness.  They are most commonly used for grocery or retail shopping.

Benefits of Eco friendly tote bags?

They're great for the environment and reduce the amount of plastic we consume and pollute, saving marine wildlife such as turtles!  They are a low cost item that is frequently used and they also have a large flat surface for decoration!  They really tick all of the right boxes, and that's exactly why they're such a popular choice.

How long do they take to be produced?

Production time can vary depending upon which style bag you are interested in (they may come from different factories).  If you have a deadline to meet we have express options available and if it can be done we will bend over backwards to get it done!  In general most bags can be produced in between 3 and 12 working days.

What materials are printed shopping bags made from?

These marketing grocery bags are available in a variety of materials.  The most common is non-woven material, jute and cotton.  Some bags are also made from PVC, hemp, bamboo, felt and more!

What decoration are used on promo shopping bags?

The most common decoration method you will find on these bags is a large format screen print.  With the option of a digital transfer (maxiCOLOUR) print as well to have your design represented in unlimited high definition!