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Reusable Straws

These environmentally friendly re-usable straws are a hot new way to promote your logo and help the planet!  Available in materials such as Stainless Steel and Silicone they're an effective way to increase awareness.


Promotional Reusable Drinking Straws - The Eco Choice

We can all do our part to fight the war on waste, such as substituting single use plastic with a reusable silicone or metal drinking straw!  In this gallery you will find a number of fantastic printed drinking straws and laser engraved straws that make for an effective giveaway item that is not only good for branding awareness but the planet as well.

The crossfires are now on plastic straws due to the overwhelming evidence of their negative impacts.  They really suck!  Did you know that in America it's estimated that up to 500 million straws are used every single day?  That's enough to wrap around the equator twice.  They then end up in our oceans and impact habitats.  Although straws only account for a tiny fraction of plastics that are in the Ocean their size and shape makes them one of the most dangerous!



What are Promotional Reusable Drinking Straws made from?

The decorated straws we supply are usually made from either stainless steel or food grade silicone.

Do re-usable drinking straws have BPA?

All of the straws we supply are BPA free so you can be confident in using them!

How can I clean my straw?

Some of the options we offer come with a cleaning kit included or available for an additional cost.  The best practice is to hand wash them after use, with some options also being dishwasher safe.

How long after I order can I get my printed straws?

There are some straw options that can be produced on an Express 24 hour service (for an additional cost).  But usually they are between 3-5 workings days or 10-12 working days.

Why is using re-usable straws so good for the environment?

They help to reduce the amount of plastic in our Oceans, remember all drains lead to the Ocean.  They're also very convenient to substitute and if everyone was to switch it would make a huge impact!