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Onboarding Packs

What better way to say welcome aboard than with some branded merch.  It instantly brings about a sense of inclusion and is a nice gift to show the new employees that they are valued.  Custom packs to tailor your brand are also available, just ask us.

Enduring Care Packs (Welcome Pack)

Enduring Care Packs (Welcome Pack)

From $28.80 Branded
MOQ: 25 | Production: 5-7 Days

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Kindred Care Packs (Welcome Pack)

Kindred Care Packs (Welcome Pack)

From $38.88 Branded
MOQ: 25 | Production: 5-7 Days


Connection Care Packs (Welcome Pack)

Connection Care Packs (Welcome Pack)

From $31.01 Branded
MOQ: 25 | Production: 5-7 Days


New Hire Welcome Packages

Starting out at a new company can be stressful, there are so many new things to learn and remember.  Having new employees feeling welcome and valued is beneficial for both the new starters and employers.

It’s important to make sure any new starters feel a part of the team and quickly understands the company culture/values as well as any relevant information to commence work.  New hire welcome packages and employee onboarding plans are an essential piece of this puzzle and have a number of benefits.

What are New Staff Welcome Packs?

New hire kits also known as corporate welcome boxes are a gift given to new employees by an organisation.  They include a variety of items such as promotional merchandise, HR forms, welcome guide, organisational chart and more to help the new employee feel welcome and educate the recipient about the company.

Benefits of Employee Onboarding Welcome Kits

  • Better employee retention
  • Attract top tier talent
  • Quicker onboarding process
  • Builds trust and encourage open communication
  • Social media marketing opportunities
  • Increase employee satisfaction and happiness
  • Decrease employee turnover

What to include in New Hire Welcome Packs

  1. Promotional merchandise
  2. Onboarding gift box
  3. New employee gift
  4. Employee handbook and information
  5. Office map
  6. Personalised letter
  7. Learning plan
  8. Organisational chart
  9. Other relevant printed information

Buy Employee Welcome Kits

Promotion Products offers both custom welcome kits where you can select your wanted products and we’ll package them into a beautiful welcome kit or provide you industry specific recommendations.


Or you can purchase pre-built new employee welcome kits that include items specifically curated for onboarding.  These items are logo branded and beautifully packaged to leave a lasting impression.


For more information contact us on LiveChat, call us on 1300 303 717 or visit our contact us page.