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Tea Towels

Find Australia's favourite printed tea towels right here!  We offer a variety of options that offer your brand a fantastic space for promotion.  Get your tea towel order with us underway today we are ready and waiting.

Printed Tea Towel Supplier Australia

We offer a range of tea towels from budget through to premium European made.  Here at Promotion Products have three types of Tea Towels 100% pure linen from a European manufacturer, blended ones that are 75% linen and 25% cotton and 100% cotton options.  These vary in price, having said that these Promotional Tea Towels represent excellent value for money and are the best value in Australia - we print these tea towels in Australia for fast dispatches and low order quantities.  We use inks that are permanent and will not come off unlike low cost, low quality towels.

Our friendly staff are ready and waiting for your tea towel enquiry and get your order underway; you call call us on 1300 303 717 at anytime to ask us questions about your tea towel requirements!

Below you can read more information about the different fabric types >>>

Different Tea Towel Materials

Here at the office at Promotion Products HQ we often debate the merits of different tea towel materials.  Interspersing discussions about the footy at the weekend and which beer to buy on a Friday afternoon conversation will, naturally, flow onto the advantages of the different fabrics used in our tea towels.  After months of sometimes heated and passionate debate a general office-wide concensus has been arrived at and here our findings:

100% Linen Tea Towels
The undoubted Rolls-Royce of Custom Tea Towels fabrics is the 100% Linen option, they look great abd can be washed up to 9000 times (so the factory tell us.  The off-white is the most popualr colour.   Coming from a European factory these A-Grade tea towels represent the very best tea towel buying in the land. Linen is a fine fabric that comes from a plant known as flax. The fibers of flax are one of the strongest vegetable fibers and they make linen that is a beautiful, refined and durable fabric.  It has more texture than cotton.  It does though require more ironing that cotton but as these are being used as tea towels this is generally not an issue.

100% Cotton Tea Towels
As we all know cotton is also a natural material that comes from the cotton plant and is a soft material too.  More affordable than linen they are very appealing fo use as a Promotional Tea Towel.

75% Linen 25% Cotton Tea Towels
This blended fabric combines the properties of both linen and cotton and is therefore a good option too.

If you have any further questions about our logo printed teat towels we will be only to glad to refer you to Trish our resident Tea Towel expert, please call at anytime.

The absorbency & washing qualities are very similar regardless of the tea towel fabric.  Prints will last the lifetime of the towel also.

Team Promotion Products - we look forward to helping you further.