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Air Fresheners

Get your car smelling like it's brand new with the help of these simple but effective air fresheners.  We can have these printed with your logo and shipped to you fast so you can have a fresh promotion!


Welcome to our range of Promotional Air Fresheners

If you are hunting for the best selection of Air Fresheners shapes, sizes and scents sit back and relax - on this page you will find Australia's best Air Fresheners - all of these can be custom branded for your next Promotional Marketing Campaign. We are one of Australia's leading suppliers in general but specialise in customised fresheners and offer the nations best range. Below you will see a comprehensive range of scents - covering fruits, fragrances and things a little more out-there!


Are you a graphic artist, printer or promo company that resells these Air Fresheners?, are you a car yard or involved in the car industry and buy Promotional Air Fresheners on an on-going basis? We may be able to help you with lower prices. Resellers are those that on-sell the product, frequent buyers are those that would order these at least twice a year. If you fit the bill simply call us on 1300 303 717 and we will see what we can offer you! We won't nail your foot to the floor with a contract but will work with you!

Read our Air Freshener buying guide below the product images

Australia's best Air Fresheners - buying guide

Thanks for coming down here for a read! Let us take some of your valuable time to explain the different types of product available here and try to compel you to get at least get a quote from us here at Promotion Products!

History: "Air fresheners have been around for hundreds if not thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians used musk and other natural materials to scent their tombs. Throughout the ages many cultures have used flowers, herbs, and spices to freshen up the air in their homes, pyramids, or huts" source - The History of Air Fresheners - read more here

Why use?: Sometimes it is nice to freshen things up a little and an Air Freshener can do just that. Popular in cars and in homes commercial brands include Glade, AirWick and Ajax and TimeMist. They are designed to mask unpleasant odours or enhance the smell of a confined space. Of course all of the fresheners that we sell are printed with images, logos and marketing messages on both sides which makes them effective Promotional Items into the bargain.

Our range - MASSIVE: We sell the largest range of Air Freshener Scents in the country, including but not limited to: New Car, Ocean, Green Apple, Cool Water, Forest Berry, Cherry, Cocunut, Lemon, Pineapple, Strawberry, Watermelon, Cinnamon, Forest, Jamine, Lavender, Nature, Bubblegum, Chanel Fragrance, Cologne Fragrance and Christmas Tree.

Custom Promotional Fresheners - great range: All of the products above are costed with logo branding on both sides of the freshener. We offer three different sizes - small: any shape die cut out of a piece of material up to 50mm square, medium: any shape die cut of material up to 65mm square and large: any shape cut of material 80mm square. In addition we offer each of these sizes in either a single print colour or with full colour prints (unlimited print colours). All six of these fresheners is available in any of our 46 different scents meaning we offer over 260 types!

Fast delivery and great service: Of course all this mind-boggling choice means nothing if they take an age to arrive and we are a difficult bunch to get on with! Fortunately, we here at Promotion Products are not that bad, only one of has two heads and horns! Seriously though we have an absolute focus on providing our valued customers with an a-grade buying experience. From the moment you contact us to confirm pricing with one of our industry leading fast quotes, through to help with designing your unique, value-added customised freshener and then with fast factory direct delivery our focus is simple - you and your needs. We aim to make every client a repeat client and we can only do this with a business-wide focus on customer service. We will treat you with honesty and integrity - exactly as we would like to be treated ourselves!

We are ready and waiting for your call or quote request, we have lots of samples here and they are FREE so get in touch today - call 1300 303 717 and experience the difference!