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Custom Lapel Pins

Enjoy some of our high quality custom lapel pins that are made to the very highest standards.  These are shipped straight from the factory so you can get these as quickly as possible!  Discover our range today!

Making Custom Lapel Pins and delivering fast...

Lapel Pins customised with club, company or event details are one of the oldest types of Promotional Item that exist. There is a very good reason why such Custom Lapel Pins are still popular - they work! We offer the five most popular types of Lapel Pins available - Soft Enamel, Hard Enamel, Die Cast, Printed Finish and Die Struck.

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When searching for Custom Pins it can see a complicated process with lots of different types available - it should not be complicated - why not take 2 minutes of your time by reading the guide below the images - you can then shop with confidence and be sure you are buying the right Custom Pin!

When you click on the product images the costs you see include pin, decoration as stated and set up costs. We are here to help with your order so please call us at anytime - The Promotion Products Team

Custom Pin Guide:

We understand that researching a purchase of Custom Lapel Pins can seen confusing - there are many, many options - we have decided to make things simpler by offering the 5 types of Lapel Pins that make up 98% of Lapel Pin sales. Of course if none of the ones we offer here are right for you we can source something else - simply call us on 1300 303 717 to discuss your requirements - please note that specialty sourcing jobs like will require a $5000 minimum spend though.

The five most popular types of Custom Lapel Pins are:

Soft Enamel Pins

Soft Enamel Pins are the most popular in the market. They are made from a die struck pin that has colour paint (enamel) poured into the different sections of it. The enamel settles as it is slowly air dried. The die uses raised metal borders which gives the effect of the paint being recessed which gives a Soft Enamel pin a characteristic '3D' effect. When you touch the pin you can distinctly feel the borders.

Although they are generally the lowest cost type of Custom Pin Soft Enamel Pins are popular and offer very good value-for-money.

Hard Enamel Pins
Hard Enamel Pins are made from a die-struck pin that has been filled by Enamel paint. Unlike the a soft enamel pin at this stage heat is applied to the pin surface which hardens the enamel - it is the polished smooth. The paint and borders are the same level.

Most people prefer a hard enamel custom pin but they do cost more that soft enamel due to the extra manufacturing processes involved. This makes them ideal as corporate pins or pins that are to be sold at a premium.

Die Cast Pins
When you require a pin made into a totally custom shape such as an animal or a cross die casting is the best way to go. The manufacturing process for a Die Cast Custom Pin is quite complicated, basically we make a mould of your design into which hot metal is poured to make your design.

Printed Finish Pins
There are a few different names for this type of pin - it is basically an offset printed design placed on vinyl which is then covered by a clear dome. The Print Finish Pin is ideal when your logo is too complicated for an enamel finish or when your artwork has colour gradients or lots of detail. Also not having thin metal lines between the different colours can be appealing.

Die Struck Pins
A die struck pin uses the same manufacturing process as soft enamel paint but with the enamel!. The factory constructs a die from your design which is then struck a thin sheet of metal. The stamped pieces has raised and recessed areas which can be plated with silver or gold. If you want your Custom Lapel Pin to be unique we can then sandblast the lower recessed areas.

The Die struck pin is the option when you want a colourless pin that still looks good.

The team at Promotion Products looks forward to helping you with your Custom Lapel Pin order - we are here to help so please call us at anytime - 1300 303 717