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Fidget Toys

A wonderful craze that's fun for all ages!  In our gallery you will find a range of stress alleviating toys that are fantastic for your promotion and to use.  Includes things such as: Fidget Spinners, Fidget Cubes, Fidget Sticks etc.

Promotional Fidget Spinners, Cubes, Sticks and more!

Step this way for great value Fidget Toys at Australia's lowest prices with your logo.  Brand new and the latest craze kids all over the country are going crazy for these toys.

We have stock of these arriving at the end of May - we can quickly get your logo onto these for you to be promoting completely on-trend.  How long this craze will last we don't know so be quick!

We offer great deals for resellers - see the retail pack spinners: call us now on 1300 303 717 to place your order ort ask us any questions.

Logo Branded Fiddle Spinners

There are more to fiddle or fidget spinners (thye are teh same thing) than immediately meets the eye.  According to wikipedia: Fidget Spinners they are stress relieving and the must-have office toy for 2017.   Some schools have banned them as they are distraction in the classroom. 

We have witnessed with our children that they are popular as they are a break from electronic gaming devices and as such provide some real worl interaction.

If they become as popular as marbles or stress toys remains to be see!
The Promotion Products Team