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Paper Cups

Get some printed Paper Cups in your potential clients hands!  They offer superior visibility and many options you see here are made in Australia!  So you know they will hit the mark.  Ask us about getting your order underway today. 

Printed Paper Cups for Coffee or Water

We supply quality Australian Made Printed Paper Cups and lower cost imported versions to cafes, restaurants, hotels and universities all over Australia. We offer standard Australian made singe walled as well as double walled ones made and printed right here in Australia also.  Just look for 'Made in Australia' logo.  We also have factory direct ones direct from the factory in China which are available at low cost for volume buyers.

Quality Paper Coffee Cups

We believe our cups are the best quality available in Australia, we have listed below the advantages of our cups. Remember ! : these cups feature your logo branding or message, our graphic artist will produce a unique design for you - featuring as many colours as you like - please call us with any questions you have - The Promotion Products Team

Printed Paper Cup Features

Here are a few benefits of our cups:

Our cups are made to the highest standards are fully compatible with hospitality uses.

From artwork sign-off our Australian made cups cups can be printed in around 14 days. Our  imported ones take just 6-7 weeks.

In-house graphic artist will produce your design at no extra cost

Our Printed Paper Cups use food grade inks, consequently they do not leak, they do not stick to each other and they do not give off offensive smells when hot liquids are poured into them

Our Paper Coffee Cups are 100% recyclable

Australia's best value!

We look forward to helping you with your branded paper cup order soon: call us on 1300 303 717 to get started at anytime.