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Premium Plastic Pens

Looking for high quality promo pens that you can count on?  You're in the right place!  Don't settle for cheap pens that won't go the distance!  Your target audience will thank you and your promotional advertising will go further.


Logo Branded Pens: Premium Quality Options

With Australia-wide delivery and unmatched customer service, the brand new range of Premium Plastic Pens from us here at Promotion Products is an obvious choice.

As the promotional industry grows, the humble plastic pen has evolved into a myriad of options. Thanks to this evolution, we have developed a new range of plastic pens that are a cut above, with many of them boasting new features, designs or additions that help to make them the logical choice for any promotion or event situation. Our range is one of the largest in Australia, and all of these products come to you at low prices and on a fast turnaround time. We send unbranded pens on the same day as your order, those with your custom print take a little longer: typically 5 - 10 days with your print.

Call us at any time with any questions on 1300 303 717. Our friendly staff are here to assist you. REMEMBER! Promotion Products is the leader in pen supply, we will not be beaten on price.

Maximising your Marketing Dollars with pens!

There are many benefits of Promotional Product Marketing, Branded Pens are in no way different and are probably the most successful category of promo item. They work for two main reasons:

1/Typically the way promo items work is two-fold: firstly, at large conferences, trade shows and occasions they can be given out to your prospects as a way of promoting your brand and the recognition of it. This assists in keeping your brand, message and organisation at the forefront of the individuals mind, so that when it does come time for them to make a purchase, they immediately think of your company.

2/A high quality piece of Branded Merchandise can be used to develop specific business relationships, usually as a one-off gift of thank you present that again paints your business in a good light and keeps you at the forefront of an important potential client or suppliers mind. Both of these help to develop your brand awareness and recognition, and by doing so with a Premium Branded Pen, you can ensure that you are getting the very best value for money with each item.

So, there you have it!, if your require a Plastic Pen for your next promotion and want something that is just a little better than the rest you are shopping in the right place: we are here to answer your questions so please call us at any time on 1300 303 717.