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Tasman Pens
Tasman Pens

From: $0.79 Each

Usually 7-10 working days after artwork approval.

MOQ: 250


Killara Pens
Killara Pens

From: $1.15 Each

Usually 3-5 Working days after artwork approval.

MOQ: 250


Maxema Bay Pens
Maxema Bay Pens

From: $1.02 Each

Usually 10-12 working days after artwork approval.

MOQ: 100


Rubber Killara Stylus Pens
Rubber Killara Stylus Pens

From: $1.35 Each

Usually 3-5 working days after artwork approval.

MOQ: 250


Evandale Tri Highlighters
Evandale Tri Highlighters

From: $1.43 Each

Usually 10-12 Working days after artwork approval.

MOQ: 150


Promotional Pens Australia

Get the right Pens at the right price - delivered Australia-wide. This extensive range includes only quality options that you can be confident displaying your logo on. We are Australia's best value Branded Pen Supplier.

In this gallery, you will find the most popular and best value promotional pens in Australia.  Plastic, metal, pencils, highlighters, stylus, colouring, banner pens and recognised retail brands such as Bic, Parker, Waterman and Prodir with bulk and low minimum options. We stock most of these pens here in Australia, allowing your order to be dispatched quickly and get these pens in your hands when you need them.  All of the pens are shown with print and setup included but can also be supplied unbranded faster, just get in touch with us for more information regarding this.

Branded pens are one of the first items people think of when talking about promotional products, for a good reason.  They're widely used for their practicality, low-cost and lasting useful life allowing them to generate many positive impressions of your brand.  When purchasing custom pens the three things you want to look at is the amount of ink they contain (useful life), the feel of the pen in hand and how your logo will look.  This information should be covered on the product page but you can also request a physical sample of the pens to test them out yourself before ordering, so you can be 100% confident in your purchase.

Why Promote With Custom Printed Pens?

Promotional Pens are categorised, typically, as those which are custom printed with a company or business logo in such a way that the brand name, message or logo is displayed prominently on the item. When you give these out to your clients they will see your logo and name and as such will provide marketing exposure for your company.

It is now well established that Promotional Products are an essential part of the marketing mix and have become, increasingly, a factor for business success. If you are a customer it is always nice to see that the companies you do business with appreciates your loyalty and occasionally rewards you with a gift to say thank you.

There are so many uses of Pens for promotional purposes: as a general giveaway, to give out at trade shows, for conferences, for students, as a gift for loyalty.  The list goes on and on. Whatever your reason for giving them you know that your client is going to use them and therefore be exposed to your logo and message on a frequent basis.

Types Of Promotional Pens Available

We import pens into our local warehouse in Brisbane but also dispatch from partner warehouses and print shops in Sydney, Melbourne and New Zealand. This means that 80% of Aussies can receive their order the day after we dispatch them on fast delivery services.  

Plastic: Our best value, lowest priced pens. These cheap promotional pen options will perform and make for the perfect giveaway.  Popular at events and tradeshows.

Premium Plastic: These pens although still plastic are made to a higher standard, usually with a more eye-catching design and longer useful life.

Metal Pens: Metal Promotional Pens or laser engraved pens now cost less than you think.  They have a heavier weight in the hand for comfortable writing and will last longer than their plastic counterparts.  Now there are also many low-cost options available.

Highlighters: Highlighters make for a great way to market your business or organisation. These are great for office workers or students with many different ink colour options available.

Stylus Pens: One of the fastest-growing pen categories are stylus pens.  Everyone has a smartphone or tablet now, allowing them to always have possible uses.

Colouring Pencils and Crayons: Colouring is now not only reserved for children.  They're popular for all ages as a stress relief outlet and are a great opportunity to display your logo.

Banner Pens: With more space to display your design these pens are great if your message won't fit on a standard pen.  They're also printed in full-colour.

Novelty: When you want to inject some fun into your promo or want to stand out from the crowd a novelty writing instrument is not going to get forgotten.

Bic Plastic: The legendary supplier makes pens of excellent quality and value. These Bic Plastic Pens will write further giving your promo extra legs.

Bic Metal: Bic Metal Pens can be either printed or engraved.  Do you need colour or do you need subtle understatement? These will last for years.

Parker: Parker is one of our favourite pen styles and you will see from reviews. They have an established image as being top quality and perform well as a premium corporate gift.

Cross: When you are looking for a gift pen look no further than Cross Pens.  The perfect pen for the discerning user, boasting high performance and design.

Waterman: We like Waterman Pens and when you want to give a valued client or staff member something valuable these are the way to go.

Maxema Pens: These Italian made pens are the perfect mix of quality and value.  With many low-cost options that we would suggest in a heartbeat.

Branding Options For Company Pens

Promotional pens are commonly decorated in two ways, either with a print or laser engraving.  As a general rule of thumb metal pens are best laser engraved, ensuring the decoration lasts the entire life of the pen and will never rub off.  Plastic pens on the other hand work best with a print decoration.  Print technology innovations allow for low-cost full-colour printing on most pens, opening up the possibilities for displaying colourful or complex logos.