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Lens Cloths

The ideal product to market your brand.  A promotional lens cleaning cloth is the perfect way to clean all of your modern tech, glasses and sunnies.  All available with your logo printed!  Try some for your next promotion or event.


Promotional Lens Cleaning Cloths - Australia Wide

Promotional lens cleaning cloths are a cloth that's designed to clean screens and glass.  They are usually made from polyester or a blend of polyester and nylon.  They are perfect to use on items such as: reading glasses, sunglasses, computer screens, laptop screens, tablets, smart phones and TVs to just name a few.  They are used mostly for marketing purposes and include a print of your logo or branding message.  Designed for removing dust, dirt and other materials dirtying your screens.

In our gallery you will find the best promotional microfibre cloths in Australia!  We bring you options we know work at the best prices.  Our talented team makes the process of getting your logo on these easy.  We step you through each step of the way and provide assistance so you can get the most out of your promotion dollars.  Call us on 1300 303 717 to have any of your questions answered or get your order underway!



Can I use Promotional Lens Cloths on my phone?

Yes you can!  In fact they are one of the best cleaning materials to use and are not too harsh on the screen.  Simply use a little bit of water and the cloth and you will have screens good as new in no time.

Why choose Printed Lens Cloths?

They're a fantastic low-cost giveaway item that won't break the bank.  They are handy and have a long life for a lasting promotion.  Everyone has more devices with screens now as well.  So they're more popular than ever.

How long do these take to produce?

Most of these can be produced in under 2 weeks.  And some options are available on an express service, allowing for production in just 3-5 working days!  Let us know when your deadline is and we will do our best to provide solutions.

How are Lens Cloths decorated?

A print is usually the most common decoration you will find with these.  Available on either an unlimited colour sublimation print, screen print or pad print.    For individual decoration options, have a look on product pages for more information.