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Promotional Clothing Buying Guide

As you search the web it becomes apparent that there are a few different options when it comes to buying clothing with your logo.  Here is a quick guide – answer these questions for better buying outcomes!

Why am I buying these?:  Not as silly a question as it seems!  Ask yourself: who will be wearing these? ,what type of garments do they normally wear?, will they feel comfortable in the branded clothing I was thinking of?, are these required for long term promotion? (such as company uniforms), are these needed for a short term event over a day or two?  These questions will determine not only which type of garment to search for but also help with the next question:

How much to spend?:  We all know that when buying clothing you get what you pay for.  Consider the individual branded garment cost and compare that to how much you spend on a garment for personal use.  More expensive clothes are made from better materials and have a better cut so will be worn more readily by recipients and will therefore give you more marketing exposure.

Lastly, consider this: If you want a low cost garment for a one-off event also consider that your immediate marketing goal can be surpassed by spending a little extra on a really good quality piece that will last longer.  As with everything - you get what you pay for - so why not  leverage your spend with a longer lasting slightly more expensive option?

Of course, all of the Promotional Clothing featured on this site are optimal quality for the price sold at so all deliver you value-for-money.

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