Factory Direct Promotional Items

New for 2012 - factory direct products! - Welcome to our new factory direct promotional products section. Everything you see here is priced super-low as it comes from the factory direct to you. We are adding new products on here all the time.

Please remember two things!!!: These products come direct from the factory so lead times do vary between 2 and 12 weeks depending on the item you require. Secondly, what you see on here is a small selection of this rapidly developing range - if you have a requirement simply call and talk to us on 1300 303 717. We will help you however we can.

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25% Off Water Bottles

Please take the time to browse through the options you see on here. Our lowest cost range is the 'Cheap Promotional Products', followed by 'Promotional Gifts' and then 'Branded Gifts'.

Our top selling Promotional Items in these ranges are: Budget Stubby Coolers, Ceramic Takeaway Mug, Standard Tote Bag, Custom Drinks Bottle,