USB Drives for your logo

Welcome to our new USB page - this is very simply the best value collection of Flash Sticks for your logo in Australia! We are trusted by some Australia's biggest brands - read more to discover why.

As a leading USB supplier we have a focus on quality memory products supplied at the lowest cost in the fastest possible time frames

When you browse through our galleries here you are going to find pricing of different USB Drives in different memory sizes complete with decoration costs. As far as we know no other supplier in Australia gives upfront costs like this. We like deal in the most straightforward manner possible.

10 Year Warranty as standard and Samsung and Hynix Chips Only (see below)

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Uses of USBs

Ok!, a list of the uses of USBs would read like a Sydney telephone directory! - there is a mind boggling list of applications. If it is considered that these handy little drives are, basically, another memory drive or storage unit for any sort of electronic information that you have it can be appreciated that there are lots of ways to use them. What is perhaps a more realistic thing to think about is how you can use USB's with company branding featured on them - basically how you can use them as a promotional tool. Here is a list of the most popular ways that we see customers using them:

General brand promotion: Any object that is around the office or work desk that features your logo or message is, be definition, a promotional product. Therefore having a USB that is in this area is performing a promotional function before it is even plugged into a computer.

As a gift: Whenever you give a client a gift or something of value it creates an obligation. The creation of obligation is the central idea behind the giving of Corporate Gifts. When you have created obligation the recipient naturally wants to return the favour; they feel obligated to give you something in return. In a perfect world this would lead to the recipient automatically handing over orders to you but in reality the obligation takes a more subtle form. Usually there is an obligation to give you, your ideas, products or services a fair hearing. Gift giving is a subtle act and if it is too overt it can be viewed as a subtle form of bribery - however! - this is where giving USB's comes into it's own - they are seen as a practical item - something of some actual use and are therefore seen as a gift that aides your client rather than bribes them - this is an important distinction.

Brand positioning: Very simply USBs (and other tech products) are given to show clients that your company is tech-savvy and 'with-it'!. This is a hugely important thing for many companies to do in this day and age.

As a data storage unit: Ok, ok this is stating the obvious but consider that anything you can store electronically can be stored on an USB - let's list a few applications: pre-loading* with a product presentation or video, pre-loading product catalogs or price lists, pre-loading with pictures or images, pre-loading with a web-key that automatically takes users to a web page................the list goes on and on.

As a giveaway: USB drives are dropping in price all the time and small memory drive sizes can be in your hands for around $3 a piece if you buy in volume. These can be pre-loaded with a stack of information and are great for handing out at trade shows to well qualified clients. *Pre-loading - just a quick word! - we can upload files up to a size of 500mb free-of-charge. We can of course load larger files - usually for just a few extra cents - tell us what you want to upload and it can be arranged!

Why buy from Promotion Products? There are other vendors of USB's with logos so why choose us?, without labouring things here is our best shot for your business:

Samsung or Hynix Brand Chips: Every single drive we sell features memory from one of these two renowned brands. We could cut around 10% from our costs if we used different grade chips but we pay extra because we understand that a USB drive that fails when your branding is on the case means that your brand fails too.

10 year warranty: We give you a no quibbles guarantee if our drives fail within 10 years we will refund you the money for all returned units. No excuses - it either works or it does not.

Australian Company - Factory Connection: In the last 2 years a couple of big American suppliers have arrived on our shores with websites. We are a 100% Australian owned company - we service you from our Brisbane office with knowledgeable, local staff. We sell quality drives at the lowest price as we have a direct partnership with one of the largest factories in Asia. Our components are sourced mainly in Japan and Korea and assembled in China. In short - we have the right supply connections but don't see Australia as an add-on market, this is our home and we are dedicated.

We are branding experts: We understanding branding and communication, we are not a memory company that has decided to try and find a new market by slapping logos on USB's. We are a branding company and that will evidence itself as us being able to give you better product/colour/graphic outcomes and therefore marketing effectiveness.

BEST VALUE - GUARANTEED: Our value guarantee is simple - get a quote from another supplier that offers the same specification of product as our and we will beat their quote. Please note this a genuine offer but does not extend to matching quotes from those suppliers who offer b-grade chips or use poorer quality chips 'from their own factory'.

We are ready and waiting to help you with your logo branded USB's - lets get going!