Promotional Items for small businesses

Promotional Items and Promotional Clothing should play an important part of your advertising push if you run a small business. Promotional Items branded with your logo, telephone number and web address are given to exactly who you want. Unlike the Yellow Pages (where your opposition detail are easily to hand also!!!) our Branded Items are given only to people whose business you want.

Small businesses use our products in three main ways :-

Giveaway Promotional Items

Typically a low cost item like a Promotional Ruler or a Promotional Pen these ‘Promotional Giveaways’ are given to people whose business you want – maybe at a trade show or someone who you given a quote to. You have spent ¼ of an hour telling them how good your business is, a low cost Promotional Item reinforces your message, gives them something functional (which they will use again and again) and contains your contact detail so they can proceed to the next stage of doing business with you.

Promotional Clothing

You and your staff need to look the part to get ahead!. Promotional Clothing branded with your logo readily identifies you all as part of a team and makes you look professional. Consider – Promotional Polo Shirts – Printed Tee Shirts – Promotional Work Wear

Gift Promotional Items

Your top clients are the seed for your future growth and success. It cannot be understated the importance of looking after them and showing them your appreciation. Many businesses get 80% of their sales from only 20% of their customers. Show them you appreciate their business by giving them a Gift Promotional Item. Research has shown that the number one reason customers go across to the dark side (to your competitors!) is a feeling that their business is taken for granted – you can put a stop to that instantly with Promotional Items like Promotional Compendiums, Corporate Gifts and Promotional Products.

Most Popular Promotional Products