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Promotional Pen Buying Information

When buying pens with your logo you are confronted with many different options so it is sometimes a good idea to have a little guidance.  Here are some quick questions that you can ask yourself which when answered should help steer you in the right direction!

Why am I buying these?:  A seemingly silly question but to direct yourself towards the right type of pen you need to know: who the recipients are?, what sort of reaction or action do you want from them?, how long are they going to use them?  These questions will determine if it is a low cost pen that is required like a plastic one or a metal promotional pen for longer term promotions.

How much can I budget?: If you want a long term promotion a high quality plastic or metal is the way to go and these obviously last longer!, giveaway pens or ones for temporary use pens are going to be a plastic option.

The catch!: If considering a plastic branded pen as a giveaway also consider that your immediate marketing goal can be surpassed by spending a little extra on a really good quality pen that will last longer.  You get what you pay for and you can leverage your marketing spend with a few cents more!

Lastly: Rest-assured all of the Promotional Pens on this site have been tested and are the best quality for the cost they are offered at so you are always buying smart at Promotion Products!

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