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Cost-Effective Promotion with Promotional Calendars

Because the world of business is becoming more and more competitive, it has become a practice for companies worldwide to give out promotional items for their marketing and advertisement campaigns. Depending on the type of business, a company can choose what kind of item to give their clients. These can be custom promotional pens, flash drives, mouse mats, notepads, and many, many more. But among all those, Promotional Calendars are probably the most widely known and the most cost-effective because everybody can appreciate and use a calendar, even small children. Still not convinced? Here are a few more reasons:
  • At home or in the office, as clients hang these Promotional Calendars or place them on their desks, company names and logos proudly stand out and become very much visible. Calendars need not necessarily be dull and use only neutral colours They have to be attractive and pleasing to the eyes because customers will look at calendars several times daily, 365 days a year. If a company's calendar is displayed in every single room in a house, brand recall will become easier, and year after year, customers will look forward to receiving these calendars from the company.
  • Aside from visibility, Promotional Calendars also cost less than daily TV advertising. A $5 calendar will go a long way. Just think about how much a 30-second TV ad will cost compared to printing expenses. Companies will be able to save their resources without compromising their marketing strategy.
  • Aside from being company budget-friendly, calendars are also environment-friendly because they can be made from 100% recycled paper. With the current problems on global warming and pollution, it's always nice to know that some companies are exerting efforts to reduce harmful garbage.
  • The use of calendars as promotional materials is not limited to companies. Even government agencies, such as tourism departments, are using calendars to promote tourism in their countries.
  • To make it even more effective, companies may also opt to add other promotional items. For example, aside from Promotional Calendars, they can also give out custom promotional pens that have also been ranked as the most commonly owned form of advertising specialty, according to a recent survey conducted by the Advertising Specialties Institute. Aside from being practical and handy, custom promotional pens are also one of the best-selling types of promo items on the market. More importantly, they also cost less.

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