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Custom Lanyards as a Marketing Tool

Nowadays, Custom Printed Lanyards are not only for personal use, but most companies also use these to promote their business names and logo as people can wear them without the need to think twice as these are useful and can even be part of their uniforms. Lanyards are also the perfect promotional item since these provide a very cost effective way of promoting a business product and services. Just hand these out during trade shows, fairs, or during corporate meeting with clients, business owners are sure to get their names out in the public through these customised lanyards. But before deciding on purchasing bulk sets of lanyards for the company's marketing campaign, there are some tips and reminders that should be considered:
  • Check its quality - Lanyards can actually be very durable because of the materials being used to make them such as nylons, and are very easy to clean and wash, but some poorly made lanyards might not even last a month or so. If the hook or the fabric is ruined and damaged, chances are people would automatically change or throw the lanyard away, which means a big failure when it comes to its promotional intentions. So before hitting the "buy" button, ask for samples and check if the custom printed lanyards are tough enough to last for years to come.
  • Consider the design - While colourful and flashy designs are great to attract attention from potential customers and clients, when it comes to lanyards, minimal colour combination should be taken into consideration. Too much colour can distract the eyes and people might veer away from checking out what's written on the lanyard, which would defeat its purpose of advertising a company's name. With too much artistic design, people may not get the message written on it and just regard it as something used for accessorizing. But if it has higher contrast, let's say white background and black bold texts, then it would be easier to recognize, read the messages and see the brand name in an instant.
  • Look for the best priced lanyards in the market - As a business owner, you would want to purchase something that is reasonably priced and get your money's worth. You know how difficult it is nowadays to make money and shelling out tons of money for simple promotional items can be a bad idea. So make sure you have been comparing prices, and it's also best to ask around for recommendations. It's good to go for something that has been trusted in the industry.
As long as you provide the best quality Corporate Gifts to your consumers and employees, such as these customised lanyards, your business will surely get the most out of their promotional values.