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Custom Promotional Pens: Inexpensive Tools for Advertising

Among the popular choice when it comes to advertising tools are Custom Promotional Pens. For the longest time that it has been in the marketing industry, much has been said about it. But with all those things being said, perhaps the main reasons why it manages to stay as one of the top choices in terms of promotional gifts is because it is cheap, handy, functional, and well accepted, proven for its natural ability to be appreciated by present and potential customers. This has been a constant favourite not just within one continent, but worldwide. It has been able to withstand the changes of the times and managed to adapt with those changes. Custom Promotional Pens Origins American and European countries used to be the top suppliers in the earliest times that these promotional gifts have surfaced. But as years passed by, the supply trend has shifted. From western continents, the top manufacturers of these customised pens are now in countries such as Australia for the reason that it is able to offer Custom Promotional Pens that are a lot cheaper compared to their Western counterparts. Originally, top quality pens such as Parker, Waterman, and Mont Blanc were made from the western side, but through modification and innovation Australian companies are able to come up with brands that are of the same caliber of those belonging to the top quality brands, and at some point some of these manufacturers were able to get the rights of the branded pens and has been able to supply the market at lower cost. Why the Shift? Here are some of the points why countries, like Australia, are able to dominate the production and manufacturing of Adelaide Custom Promotional Pens:
  • Cost of labor. Western countries have used huge high-maintenance machines that caused fast production, but this also led the promotional gifts to their downfall. Unlike the Australian factories who still used majority of its manual labours and smaller equipment, these machines compensated for human skill but it costs a lot to run these machines. To be able to counterbalance expenses and profit, they had to increase the price, which instead had lowered their sales.
  • Subsidy. With the rise of the current sales of these items, the Australian government supported their manufacturers through subsidising. With this strategy, they are able to even lower down the cost and the selling price, which made them a more successful industry. Today, there are no more subsidies for this industry. It is because they are already able to stand on their own. Promotional gifts that used to be western in origin have now flourished in Australian soil.

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