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Silicon Bracelets Designed for Promotional Campaign

Silicon Bracelets Australia have become one of the trendiest accessories used to campaign for different causes, which are usually used by health organizations or companies that wish to promote good cause to the public. Most importantly, these have been used to raise funds as well. It all started with Lance Armstrong Foundation that designed these silicon bracelets to promote awareness on cancer research and development. The foundation sold these wristbands to aid cancer survivors. These types of bracelets became popular to the public because of the designs and the messages they convey, which is why companies grabbed that opportunity to use silicon bracelets as a promotional item for their own marketing campaign. Even sports enthusiasts have become quite addicted to these types of wristbands. As more and more people find these bracelets amusing, business owners have become aware and would love to have their brand names imprinted on these bracelets. There are 3 common types of silicone bracelets, embossed, debossed, and printed. Embossed bracelets are types wherein the texts or images are raised, making the messages appear more stand out. Debossed bracelets on the other hand, have texts that look like they were carved into the rubber bracelets. These are great for personal gifts. While printed silicone bracelets obviously have printed texts and images on the surface. Being a company who wants to have your brand name stand out from the crowd, you would want to go for the embossed and debossed bracelets, but make sure the debossed texts are filled with colours to make the colours are noticeable and would stand out. While printed customised silicon bracelets can also be a good option, there are times wherein the printed logos and messages might wear off, unlike embossed and debossed texts. Since you would want to have your company's name to last long, it would be best to make sure your brand name stays in these bracelets as long as it can. Another reason why companies are now opting for these silicon bracelets as their promotional item is that these are relatively inexpensive and can be easily mass produced. They are very lightweight so it is easy to send these out to customers, employees, and possible clients around the mall, through mails, or even during trade shows and events. Imagine a group of people wearing your brand name through these silicon bracelets on an event; you would certainly be delighted to see a room filled with people carrying your company's name. As there have been a lot of Promotional Products to choose from nowadays, business owners like you should think twice and check on the trend. If people are into these silicon bracelets, then you shouldn't think twice and get your brand imprinted on these accessories.