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Education Branded Merchandise

Universities and TAFE Colleges are very large users of promotional items.  Read our blog post for the top ideas for promotional products for university students. Open days play a large role in communicating a lot of information to potential students over a short period of time.  Whilst most information can be conveyed in brochures and by talking to current students and staff, the process of giving someone a gift or promotional giveaway product cannot be underestimated.  Something as simple as logo branded confectionery can give a potential student something to reflect on and appreciate after a long day of figuring out their path of education.

Just like any other aspect of your marketing, it is a good idea to plan how best to use Promotional Products. To help you do this here are 5 product ideas and promotional tips for your next open day. Why not take the time to read through this and click on the links and see if you have missed anything?


Product idea #1 - Custom Promotional Water Bottles

Water Bottles are a long-lasting product that are low cost and possess a large branding print area. With the ability to be decorated on both the neck and body of the bottle, there is a lot of room to print information such as ‘course structures’ & ‘links’ to important pages on a university website.  

Promotional tip: Promotional Products work best when they are used subconsciously and out-with the context for which they were designed for.  Water bottles are also a way to make your institute more environmentally friendly by cutting down consumption of bottled water.


Promotional tote bags

Product idea #2 - Branded Promotional Tote Bags

With many different faculty’s trying to offload various materials to perspective students they will need something to carry all this information in! A bag branded with your university logo is a great method to reinforce who you are and where you are from.

Promotional tip: There is something visually powerful about seeing hundreds of students walking around inside and outside of campus carrying the same logo branded bag.

Promotional Clothing

Product idea #3 - Logo Promotional Clothing

Not all promotional material is for students. Basic clothing such as polo shirts and t shirts can cleverly be used as uniforms by universities so that perspective students attending an open day can quickly identify people relevant to the event.  Such clothing can also be used around campus on a daily basis providing your branding with valuable exposure.

Promotional tip: Universities and TAFE’s contain thousands of people - uniforms allow people to quickly identify staff members or people of subsequent importance.

Fun & Leisure products

Product idea #4 - Fun & Leisure Products

Attending an open day can be a tiring event for a perspective student. There is a lot of information to process and ultimately an important decision has to be made. To mix up the day why not hand out an alternative leisure based promotional product?

Promotional tip: Make a fun event! - hand out Frisbees with your logo printed on them and set up a ‘who can throw the furthest game’ with the longest ‘thrower’ winning a prize! 

Promotional fridge magnets

Product idea #5 - Fridge Magnets

Fridge magnets are a very useful product that can communicate a lot of information.  Course overviews, faculty contacts and campus maps are handy pieces of information that can be printed onto magnets and handed out to perspective students.  

Promotional tip: Insert Fridge magnets in your information mail-outs.  They have a permanency and functionality that is almost impossible to better given the low product cost.

There are many way we can help you promote to your student body and new prospective students.  Simply call us on 1300 303 717 or have a good browse around our site for more details.  Remember!, discounts for multiple products may apply.   Thanks for reading!


The Promotion Products Team