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Promo Gear

The benefits of investing in some Promo Gear are huge and many a successful organisation has ventured down the line of a clever marketing campaign that includes some promo gear.  From bags to hats, shirts to pens,Frisbee’s to yoyos, if you can image your logo on something, we probably have it available.  An organisation with PromoGear is a switched on organisation that is actively getting its name out there.

Promo Stuff has been around for centuries and has taken on many forms but some of the stuff available today would really surprise you and your client base.  When venturing into apromotional item marketing campaign, look for items that reflect thepersonality of your business as your promo product will be representing youwhen you’re not there to sell it yourself. Promo Stuff can be a great opportunity for an organisation to show some personality that the client base didn’t know existed!

Promo Tee

Promo Tee by Name ? our best value Screen-Printed Tee Shirt...
Promo Tote Bag

Promotional Sling Bags are a trendy promo bag opti...
Promo Pens

Promo Pens come in many shapes and sizes - the Fraser is an extremely po...
Promo Keyrings

Silver metal Promotional Keyring with matt finish panel. Products is supplied...

Our mostpopular promo gear orders would fall into the categories of promo clothes,promo bags, promo pens and promo key rings.  On this page you will find an example of eachof these categories as a guide but venture further into our product galleriesand you will find a size, shape or colour to suite and if you can’t see what you’reafter, contact us and we will help you further.

Promo Gearcan be a lasting advertisement so you need to put your branding on somethingthat is quality and you can rest assured that the stuff we sell, is of thefinest quality as most of our business is repeat and that can only happen ifyour products are a great price, of great quality and have great delivery times.

What do I get printed on my Promo Items?

Not sure what to put on your Promo Items?  Don’t worry you're not alone and a bit of guidance can go a long way.  If you have a logo with a symbol, you might consider using just the symbol. Maybe your full logo and company name might do the trick. It depends on the Promo Item itself but it’s great if you can also fit somewhere on there your business or organisation contact details.  Some of our clients also like to include their tagline or a humorous comment of some sort.  Promo stuff really is a blank canvas!

The prices you see by clicking on the Promo Gear above are all inclusive - do not pay for set up, do not pay extra for delivery. We look forward to helping you further.

The Promotion Products Team