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Promotional Notepads

Promotional Notepads are a fantastic promotional item when they feature your logoand even your tagline. Imagine a Promotion Pad on someone’s desk getting usednumerous times a day, pinned on notice boards and fridges with your brandingright there for all to see. We have three standard sizes or PromotionalNotepads - A6, A5 and A4 and well also carry other Promotional Notepad typesincluding a Plastic Notepad with pen (below). The best thing is that all ofthese products can be supplied super fast all over Australia.

On most of the Branded Promotional Notepads we offer you can have pretty muchanything printed on them including logos, telephone numbers, watermarks, lines- you name it.  Looking at some of theexamples on this page will help illustrate this point. You really can make these your own! This is what makes Promotional Notepads such a popular promotional product solution.

Promotional Notepad A4 - 3 colour
Promotional Notepads
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Corporate Branded Notepads like this A4 example can help you communicate the s...
A6 Promotional Notepad - 1 colour
Branded Note Pads
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If you are looking for a quality Promotional Notepad - stop!. The classic A6 P...
Promotional Notepad A5 - 1 colour
Promotional Notepad A5
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Corporate Printed Notepads are a very effective way to promote a business or o...
Plastic Notepad with Pen
Plastic Notepad with Pen
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A great looking Plastic Notepad with Pen, this is a fantastic promotional prod...

Promotional Note Pads are perfect for conference and eventsor simply as promotional giveaways. In their various sizes, shapes and stylesthere should be a note pad to suite all companies and organisations in a modernfast moving world where people don't always have the time to search for yourbusiness - they need it laid out in front of them!

This is why so many people turn to the use of Promotional Notepads as there promotional product choice - they are so widely used out there that it just makes such a great place for your branding. No matter how good technology gets, people still like to write down notes! People still like the pen in the hand and the idea of putting a note on a door, a computer screen, a notice board, a fridge and pretty much anywhere you can think of.

Does your organisation have Branded Note Pads?

Having Branded Note Pads has proved to be a big success forour existing clients, from corporate to small business, from sporting teams to volunteer groups. Your branding can appear on every page in the pad whichis outstanding exposure. Your logo can be then pinned around the office of potentialclients or members. Promotional Note Pads have been a mainstay in thepromotional products industry for a long time and there is a very good reasonfor that - They promote your brand extremely well


The prices you see by clicking on the Branded Note Pad images above are all inclusive - do not pay for set up, do not pay extra for delivery.We look forward to helping you further.

The Promotion Products Team