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Promotional Tote Bags - Promotion Products Australia

Promotional Tote Bags

Promotional Tote Bags

Printed Tote Bags are Environmentally Friendly Bags and a Promotional Item.  Promotion Products are a leading Tote Bag Supplier :-

    • 4 different styles of Printed Tote bags!
    • An Australian Tote Bag Supplier!!
    • Australia’s best value Promotional Tote Bags!!!*
    • Free print set up!!!!
    • Free artwork and type setting!!!!!
    • Free delivery Australia-wide!!!!!!

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Promotional Shopping Totes

Why use Tote Bags?

Tote Bags area great way to help reduce waste and therefore help the environment.  Tote Bags are used in place of plastic bags.  Being a low cost re-usable bag makes them ideal Enviro Bags.  Secondly,as Promotion Products prints tote bags we arrange for your logo or promotional message to be a  prominent feature on the bags.

Printed Tote Bags

Ordering Printed Tote bags is easy at Promotion Products – review our Printed Tote Bag selection below, get Tote Bag prices and then place your order by following the steps at the bottom of the page.

Sydney Tote Bags

Sydney Tote Bag

380mm W x 420mm H x 100mm D
2 Handles
Superior Tote
Australian Stock Colours below –



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Australia’s best selling Printed Tote Bag, it is ideal for fitting A4 paper, brochures and product samples.  The bag features a ‘V’ shaped gusset allowing you to fit more than other ‘2D’ tote bags.  Choose from 11 colours!

Promotional idea: Why not use the Promotional Tote Bag as a way to state your environmental credentials at your next trade show or conference?

Promotional Shopping Totes Shopping Tote Bag

300mm(h)x 322mm(w) x 230mm(d)
Two Handles
Superior Tote
Australian Stock Colours -


The Classic Tote Shopping Bag from Promotion Products. There are many uses for this Tote Bag, of a superior quality it will give years of promotional exposure to your message.

Promotional idea: We all know that plastic shopping bags are bad. Why not give clients or staff a set of Shopping Tote Bags for grocery shopping?  You can give them, say, 5 bags – next time at the supermarket they can use the Shopping Tote Bags instead of plastic bags, at the same time you get great promotional exposure!

Enduro Sling Bags Group

Printed Sling Tote Bag

One Long Handle
Superior Tote
Australian Stock Colours -

The Sling Tote Bag is a popular new style.  Ideal for trade shows or events it has a long sling handle making it comfortable to carry.

Promotional idea: Sling Tote Bags are trendy.  If you are promoting to the young or young at heart the Sling Tote Bag can help reinforce your message -  in an environmentally friendly way.

Flap Satchel Tote Bags

Tote Flap Satchel

One Long Handle
Superior Tote
Australian Stock Colours -


As your Tote Bag Supplier of choice Promotion Products is dedicated to bringing you the latest styles of Enviro Bags. The Tote Flap satchel is proving a hit as a low cost promotional bag.

Promotional idea: The Tote Flap Satchel is ideals a printed conference bag.  Save money compared to expensive conference bags, use the money you have saved to buy a low cost Environmentally Friendly Promotional Product to further reinforce your promotional message.


If you require more information on these other Promotional Tote Bags or prices please just call Promotion Products on 1300 303 717

Get Printed Promotional Tote Bags pricing here

Thanks for looking at our Promotional Tote Bag selection. Promotion Products prides itself on being an approachable and friendly Tote Bag Supplier.  If you have any questions about our bags please give us a call on 1300 303 717.

Place an order

Ordering Printed Tote Bags is easy at Promotion Products – we want your business so give you premium bags at Australia’s best prices – our ordering process is simple and easy too:-

  1. Select a quality Tote Bag.
  2. Get Australia’s best Tote Bag pricing.
  3. Get a sample if required to judge the premium quality for yourself.
  4. Submit your artwork and order
    (we accept all types of art files including EPS, AI, Jpeg, PDF)
  5. Promotion Products emails you an artwork proof.
  6. On approval of artwork bags are printed.
  7. Product is dispatched free of charge.

*Our prices are the best that we have seen compared to other companies offering similar bags and service levels.  If you find aprice you believe is better we want to hear about it – we will endeavour to beat it.