Information about the use of Promotional Products

Many clients do not understand exactly how Promotional Products can be used effectively, make your promotion more effective by following these steps:

Set out your promotional goal/s

Are you wanting to increase revenue or perhaps increase general recognition of your company?, perhaps you are you trying to raise funds for your local footy club’s end of year trip by selling Promotional Items?  It is important to be able to succinctly define your objective – only then can you achieve them.

Who is your target?

Who do you intend to receive these products? Do they belong to a particular group or type of industry? Is it your own employees? Your promotional campaign can only succeed if you have identified who are receiving the products -  a list is important.

Item distribution

How do you plan to distribute the product to your intended recipients? If you use Australia Post consider lighter products, will your reps personally hand them over? We can help provide the delivery solution.

Idea development

Marketing and product customisation is all-important, however due consideration needs to be given to developing a theme that ‘fits’ your brand or to making a message that first your promotion, industry and brand.

Developing a message

You may only want to print your logo and contact details on an item. However clever wording (that fits your theme) gives the product more impact!

Finding the right product

Many buyers choose promotional merchandise based on price, perceived value, and uniqueness. Undoubtedly these are things to consider in-depth, however, ask first, what is my business? Who are our targets?, and what products support our theme/message?

All important - timing

It is our pleasure and our job to give advice on how long certain products take to be produced and delivered.  Many years of supplying promotional solutions tells us that it is important to allow as much time as possible for your products to be sourced, decorated and delivered. We see it as a professional necessity to make allowances for factors that are out-with our joint control.

Our staff will always give you a timeframe for - samples, artwork changes, production and delivery. If you advise us of a deadline we will not only bend over backwards to make it happen but will pro-actively manage the situation so as your promotion is a success.  See our range of Promotional Products here.