The Promotion Products Bi-Annual $3000 Scholarship


To be considered for this scholarship we invite students to submit an application that includes a small essay.

Email us and describe in the body of the email:

  • Educational establishment attending or going to attend
  • Dates of your Study
  • A brief outline of the special circumstances you feel that makes you a candidate for the scholarship

Attach a short essay : 500+ words that state how your education is going to positively impact others in either your local community or in the wider world

Applications for Febuary 2024 scholarship must be received by February 15 2024. Applications for August 2024 Scholarship must be received by August 15 2024.

Apply by sending an email to

Attach your application essay in a word document.

Once the application deadline has passed, the essays will be reviewed and judged based on the following criteria:

  • Your actual need for financial assistance
  • The impact your qualification is going to make upon others
  • You displaying an eagerness to assist others and effect positive change

We look forward to reading your submissions and helping the winners meet their education costs.

Scholarship winners will be announced on our website and social media platforms

Winner February 2024

Gabrielle Rostirolla - Western Sydney University

We would like to congratulate Gabrielle Rostirolla for winning the February Scholarship, as she embarks on her academic journey at Western Sydney University, where she is pursuing a Juris Doctor degree.

Gabrielle is a trailblazer within her family, the first to undertake tertiary studies, inspired by her parents’ resilience and determination. Her path to the legal profession was shaped by significant personal challenges, most notably when her father was diagnosed with Huntington’s disease. This diagnosis led to a drastic change in her family’s circumstances, with Gabrielle stepping up to navigate complex administrative tasks and support her family.

Despite the hurdles of balancing work, family responsibilities, and her studies, Gabrielle has maintained a commendable GPA. Her dedication to her legal education is driven by a commitment to leverage her future legal career in service of those in need, aiming to break down barriers to accessing legal services and social advocacy.

The scholarship awarded to Gabrielle recognises not just her academic achievements but also her character, defined by perseverance, empathy, volunteering, and a deep desire to effect change.

Gabrielle’s journey and aspirations are a testament to the indomitable spirit that has characterised her family’s approach to life’s challenges, and this scholarship is a step towards enabling her to fulfil her potential as a dynamic force for change in the legal profession.

Winner August 2023

Juliet Sorbello - University of Southern Queensland

Congratulations to Juliet, our latest recipient of the Promotion Products Scholarship for August 2023.

Juliet is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Visual Arts at the University of Southern Queensland. Hailing from Mackay, Queensland. Juliet has navigated life’s complexities with resilience, including managing achondroplasia dwarfism and a hearing impairment. Far from being defined by these challenges, Juliet’s spirit shines through, serving as an inspiration to us all.

Her passion lies in the field of Anaplastology, an allied health service focused on creating facial prostheses for individuals with absent or abnormal features due to cancers or congenital disabilities. Juliet's unique life experiences have endowed her with a deep sense of empathy, making her exceptionally suited for this transformative work. She aims to use her artistic skills to help patients feel more comfortable and accepted in society.

Her goal is to fill a gap in a niche yet essential field, particularly in a region where the demand for such services is high due to the prevalence of skin cancers. Juliet's ambition is fuelled by her own experiences, giving her a unique perspective that she believes will make a significant impact in her community.

We wish Juliet all the best in her future endeavours.

The Promotion Products Team

Winner February 2023

Zach Hore - Uni SA

Congratulations to Zach Hore for being our February 2023 Promotion Products Scholarship recipient.

Zach is in his first year Bachelor of Physiotherapy at Uni SA.

It was Zachs list of injuries that lead him to physiotherapy.Knowing firsthand the frustration and limitation injuries cause.

Zachs compassion to others going through injuries, requiring rehabilitation, pain and discomfort was a sure sign that physiotherapy suited him.
As a passionate sportsman Zach has given back to his community volunteering as a trainer and coach. Recognition by the Australian Olympic Committee for “Demonstration of Olympic Spirit” and leadership to drive positive change in his community.

Zach volunteered at a Youth Group becoming Youth leader in recent years. Helping to prepare and run activities and events.

We have no doubt that you are a worthy recipient of the Promotion Products Scholarship award, and we love that you continue to give back to your community.

We wish you all the best.

The Promotion Products Team

Winner August 2022

Juliann Frame - CQ University

Congratulations to Juliann Frame from Chinchilla Queensland she has been selected as the Winner of our Promotion Products Scholarship program August 2022.

Juliann is studying an Undergraduate Bachelor of Property with a Financial Planning Major degree through CQU.

Juliann is passionate about everything she is involved in, the community in general and volunteers where she can. CQ University online study has provided Juliann with the opportunity to support her true passion which is to remain in her hometown and support the local economy as well as being involved in a service that helps and adds value to many people’s lives. Juliann believed the quote by Maya Angelou says it best, "I've learned that you shouldn't go through life with a catcher's mitt on both hands. You need to be able to throw something back"

Overcoming a medical setback in her early 20’s, she set herself looking for a new challenge.
Brushing up on her skills and resume she started to pursue new interests. As well as striving to complete her RAAus fixed wing pilot’s licence by the end of this year. A skill that will help her gain access to remote areas of our wonderful country.

We wish Juliann well in all her future endeavours.

The Promotion Products Team

Winner January 2022

Luke Austin - Southern Cross University

We are pleased to announce Luke as the recipient of our scholarship for January 2022.

Luke's degree is for a Bachelor of Science with a double major in Marine and Earth Management at Coffs Harbour,Southern Cross University.

We cannot believe that at such a young age the passion and volunteering Luke has shown in research projects such as;

Marine research between Cape York and PNG.
Oyster cultivation in NSW, Qld and Tasmania with Landcare and Ocean watch.
Recovery of Marine estate in 2020 following the 2019 bushfires, just to name a few.

Luke was also invited into the NSW emerging leaders’ program and the NSW parliamentary Leadership Summit.

Luke’s goal here is to improve transport and education quality, accessibility, and connectivity for our regional youth.

Congratulations once again, we have no doubt he will be an asset to any team he works with in the future.

The Promotion Products Team

Winner August 2021

Rachel Underwood - University Of Adelaide

Congratulations to Rachel Underwood who is our Promotion Products Pty Ltd Scholarship Winner for August 2021.

Currently studying a Bachelor of International Development with a minor in Politics and International Relations at the University of Adelaide.

Rachel wants a life full of purpose and a career based on servitude and to work on international development projects that aim to find sustainable solutions to complex issues.

With volunteering trips to Nepal, South East Asia, Indonesia and soon Alice Springs, as well as online classes teaching English to students in Japan, Korea, Mexico and China, show real love and true compassion for people.

We here at Promotion Products feel you are on track to fulfilling your goals.

Congratulations once again and best of luck for your future endeavours.

The Promotion Products Team

Winner January 2021

Narayan Khanal – University of Wollongong

Congratulations to Narayan Khanal winner of the January 2021 Promotion Product Pty Ltd Scholarship.

Narayan was born and raised in a refugee camp in Nepal until the age of 12. He and his family’s life was then dramatically transformed when they were resettled to Albury NSW. Reflecting on these circumstances encouraged Narayan to pursue his academic education seriously.

“I wanted to make an impact and help my community”.

With a burning desire and perseverance, Narayan worked very hard, not only learning a new language but completing high school and then graduating with a Bachelor of Medical and Health Sciences where he was awarded the University Chancellor Medal.

Narayan is currently studying the Doctor of Medicine program at UOW and has a special desire to ensure that health equity is at the centre of our medical practices upon graduating as a doctor. He has plans on contributing and practising in rural areas in the future.

We at Promotion Products love your drive and your desire to help others. Congratulations Narayan.

The Promotion Products Team

Olivia Riley - University of Queensland

Olivia is studying at the University of Queensland, Gatton Campus and currently is in her 2nd year of Veterinary Science with an interest in working together with theagriculture industry in the future to better connect urban Australia to its rural and regional roots.

Olivia was selected in 2019 to attend the UNICEF Drought Summit, an experience which opened her eyes to the role she wishes to play in society, seeing a gap in rural/regional issues withbig cities.

With her and her family suffering severely from droughts from 2018 to 2019 causing widespread issues in addition to suffering major damage from the 2019/2020 bushfires she has shown a resilient mindset.

She intends to provide a voice for rural Australia in the future which her studies will help to achieve. Drawing inspiration from the quote by Nelson Mandela "Education is the most powerful tool you can use to change the world."

Good luck Olivia with the rest of your studies and the future.

The Promotion Products Team

Winner January 2020

Elysee Dubois - University of Sydney

Congratulations to our winner of the January 2020 Promotion Products Scholarship - Elysee Dubois!

Elysee is currently in her third year of Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Advanced Studies and double major in International Business and French. Elysee is also recognised as a Dalyell Scholar which involves advanced course work and enrichment opportunities.

Working 3 part time jobs and studying is a huge workload and commitment, as such we felt that Elysee would be a worthy recipient of our January scholarship.

Elyses interest is committing to organisations that aim to overcome the poverty cycle and appreciates the privilege to live in a country like Australia where education for women is normal.

Elysee believes that she will be able to apply the “critical problem solving” she has learnt from her studies towards improving the quality of life in poverty stricken areas. She will use not only her business marketing knowledge but also her French will help in communities like Cameroon, DR Congo, Chad and Haiti, where French is the official language. Elysee wants to help contribute towards change from the ground up.

“We educate women because it changes the world”

Elysee hopes to be one of the very women that is able to do that, the underprivileged has made a huge impact on Elysee and she has committed to being part of the 40 hour famine for 7 years and was short listed as a World Vision Youth Ambassador in 2016.

We at Promotion Products wish Elysee every success and look forward seeing her achieve her goals.

The Promotion Products Team

Winner August 2019

Soonjung Lee - Queensland University

Congratulations to Soonjung for being our recipient of the Promotion Products Scholarship for August 2019.

Soonjung is currently devoted to finding a novel therapeutic strategy to improve the clinical outcome of brain cancer patients.

Her compassion and desire to give her time as a volunteer to many different projects such as Ronald McDonald house charity, A home Away from Homelessness and Rosies Friends on Street just to name a few shows her level of compassion and love for her fellow human beings. Soonjung motivation comes from the desire to help the victims of debilitating conditions get better and pursue their life goals.

“I aspire to be a medical practitioner and a researcher who looks after the vulnerable populations in our society, in both local and wider communities”

We wish Soonjung success in finding this and so much more in her field.

The Promotion Products Team

Winner February 2019

Sarah Olsson - CQU Rockhampton

Our Winner this year is Sarah Olsson.

Sarah is commencing a 3-year Bachelor of Nursing degree at CQU Rockhampton. Sarah is from a small community, Wowan, which is south west of Rockhampton.

It was through her father having a farming accident that Sarah said, The accident helped me realise my desire to pursue a career centred around helping others, in the form of Nursing.

Sarah also shows a strong history of volunteering in the local community fundraising events, the Show society, Drought appeal, Red Shield Appeal, as well as sponsoring an African child through Compassion.

With this ingrained desire to help the community, I am sure you will make a wonderful Nurse.

We wish you well with your studies.

Well done Sarah!

The Promotion Products Team

Winner August 2018

Emily Boyle - Deakin University

Our winner for August 2018 is Emily Boyle. Emily is completing a Master of Dietetics at Deakin University. Finishing this postgraduate course in June 2019 Emily impressed us greatly with her vision of using her qualification to help others in the future.

My passion to complete a Master of Dietetics directly coincides with my desire to use health and nutrition to improve the lives of those suffering chronic disease and malnutrition in developing countries. I am striving towards giving myself the best education and knowledge base to attain the skills and professional experience to make a global difference.

Like other previous winners of our scholarship Emily could demonstrate a strong record of volunteering, we believe that past behavior is a strong indicator of future behavior so we have absolute faith that our scholarship well help Emily help others.

Well done Emily!

The Promotion Products Team

Winner February 2018

Caleb Maru - The University of Adelaide

Congratulations go to Caleb who is the winner of our February 2018 $3000 Scholarship. From Alice Springs Caleb is a third year Law and Arts student at the University of Adelaide and will graduate in 2020.

Since High School Caleb has demonstrated a high level of engagement with his local community in youth orientated projects.

With a great interest in equality and justice for marginalised groups he wants to use his law degree to help others that have not been provided the same opportunities as himself. Here at Promotion Products we also share a belief in people reaching the peak of their human potential so Calebs passion for this excites us.

Well done Caleb, keep up the good work, we are sure this is not the last we have heard of Caleb Maru!

The Promotion Products Team

Winner August 2017

Stephen Shaw - Flinders University Adelaide

Stephen has won our first ever $3000 scholarship. He is in his second year of a Postgraduate Doctor of Medicine degree. Our judges were particularly impressed that Stephens main motivation to study medicine is:

that I am drawn to and take enormous satisfaction, pride and happiness from helping others. In my opinion two of the most important personal characteristics of a health professional are compassion and resilience.

He went on to outline that he aimed to work in rural areas both here in Australia and in the wider world. These funds are going to be used for textbooks, learning equipment and placements costs.

Well done Stephen, we wish you the very best for your future and all those you come in contact with!

The Promotion Products Team

Additional winners August 2017

We were overwhelmed by the quality of submissions for our scholarship and had a difficult time choosing a winner. We decided to give two other students $500 each in addition to our main scholarship. These were:

Mrinal Denis Deane Curtin University Perth

Mrinal is studying Geosciences and has an area of particular interest in sustainable exploration of and use of groundwater. In India, where Mrinal is from, the provision of clean water is an enormous issue and it is hoped his work will make a difference to many communities not just in india but across the world.

Well done Mrinal.

The Promotion Products Team

Kelsi Svensson Central Queensland University Mackay

Studying a Bachelor of Education (Primary) the judges were impressed with Kelsis passion for education and her belief that education sets the foundation for the next generation. Despite personal hardships and obstacles Kelsi is focused on using her education to empower others this creating a virtuous circle. We like that idea a lot Kelsi, all the best!

The Promotion Products Team



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