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Eco Friendly
  • Eco & Consciously Made Products
  • Sustainability
  • Fair Work
  • Community Support

All these things are inter-connected and important to us and many of our customers judging by your feedback. We are seeing increased demand for products and suppliers that are aware of these issues and can actively demonstrate that they are moving towards a more sustainable, supportive business model. More conscious business dealings are good for all of us!

Eco Products

Back in August 2007 we led the Australian Promotional Merchandise marketplace by being the first company to market a dedicated range of Eco Products. Since that time Eco Products have been a focus for us.

We help brands be purposeful with their selections and choose better quality merchandise that won’t end up in the bin.

Today Eco Products are, literally, front and centre on our home page, we do not have Australia’s largest range because we focus on products that we believe are better. View our Eco Friendly Merchandise Range Here.

Consciously Made Products

A growing focus of ours is sourcing consciously made products.

These products must tick three boxes for us – made using sustainable materials, made in factories with fair work conditions and be made to a higher, longer lasting standard.

Our sourcing team is always searching for consciously made products that we are proud to add your logo to. And if we can’t find the right products, we’ll make our own! Like our very own UpBags sustainable bag options that are stocked and printed locally in Melbourne.

Consciously made products must:

  • be made using sustainable materials
  • made in factories with fair working conditions
  • be made to a higher quality and long-lasting standard

Our Aussie Team: We wish to be an employer of choice. With 20+ local Australian staff we are known to have great work conditions, generous pay rates, flexibility in hours worked, on-going grow opportunities and gender equality

The Philippines Team: We have over 10 employees in the Philippines. They are technically contractors, but we treat our offshore people as we treat our local staff with above industry pay rates, holiday and sick pay, superannuation and ongoing training. We have a simple goal - be a respectful employer.

Modern Slavery: Although not legally required to submit a Modern Slavery report we have chosen to create our own assessment. Each year sees us conduct an internal and supplier assessment. We are satisfied that both internally at Promotion Products and our external supply chain also complies with the act. Please ask for a copy of our Modern Slavery Assessment if you would like to see it

Product Compliance

The five pillars of product compliance include are product safety, product quality, social compliance, environmental standards and supply chain security. Without getting too much into the weeds it means you and your recipients can be confident and safe when using the products. To delve further feel free to read our full promotional product compliance guide.

Supporting Communities and Individual Achievers

We are not a big corporate, we are a medium sized company that remembers our roots and recognises that our team is made up of individuals that live in communities. We believe that vibrant communities are better communities.

Australian Charity/Not For Profit/ Club Assistance:

For over 4 years we have given $1000 worth or merch to a worthy cause each month. This is called 'A Hand-Up'.Read about it here.

Additionally, last year, we gave over $100 000 of discounts to clubs, charities and NFPs. We also do random charity/club/NFP donations.

Overseas Help: We share the planet with many others and believe in doing good both here and overseas

We formalised our approach in 2020 towards specifically help a Filipino charity - The Muravah Foundation - read here.

We are honoured to provide continued support to this fantastic organisation and can’t wait to see what else they can achieve.

Scholarships : Each year, for the last few years, we have given 3 separate scholarships to Aussie students for $3000 each to help them grow and achieve their dreams. See details of our primary scholarship here. We also run a scholarship solely for Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander applicants on another website of ours.

Thanks for reading this a little bit about how Promotion Products is making a difference and can’t wait to meet you along the way on our sustainability journey.

The Promotion Products Bi-Annual

$3000 Scholarship

Thank you!

The Promotion Products Team