Using promotional products to market your car dealership provides a memorable experience to your customers and can provide exceptional ROI when used right.  Did you know that as of 31 January 2019 there were 19.5 million motor vehicles registered in Australia?

With many households having access to multiple vehicles there’s always a benefit to having your dealership be at the top of the list for your prospective customers.

Car Dealership Promotional Products are used for the following:

  • To create awareness for your branch or the marketing campaign you are running.  For example, there is an end of financial year sale that will be much more effective if more prospective buyers know about it.
  • As a value-added gift to your customer’s experience.  Increasing the likelihood they return for servicing or another car in the future.  It’s always a memorable experience to receive a gift with a large purchase such as a new car.  Such a small cost can make a big impact on making your customer happy and increase the likelihood they will come back in the future or recommend you to others.

1. Promotional Air Fresheners

Everyone wants to keep that “new car” smell around as long as possible and keep their vehicle smelling awesome.  Custom printed air fresheners are a low-cost giveaway item that adds a nice bit of value add and creates a connection every time it’s seen inside the vehicle.  A great way to increase awareness of your dealership via a large scale giveaway or mailout.

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2. Promotional Car Sun Shades

The Aussie sun can be brutal and battling with a molten hot steering wheel is never a good time.  Fortunately, a car sunshade can prevent this ever happening and if you add your logo it also works as an advertising tool.  A perfect gift for someone that has just purchased a new car.

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3. Mobile Phone Holders

Do you remember the days when a refidex was required to navigate unchartered territory?  Well unless you’ve been living under a rock mobile applications such as Google Maps are what everyone’s using.  Mobile phone holders clip into air condition vents and allow you to safely and easily use your phone’s GPS navigation while driving.  Add your logo and your dealership will always be top of your customer’s mind.

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4. Vehicle Safety Tools

Safety first!  You never know when these simple tools could be a gamechanger.  It’s always good practice to have one of these accessible in your vehicles and by adding your logo you can get a huge amount of impressions every day.  And I’m sure your customers will appreciate that you are looking out for their safety.

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5. Keyrings

Car, keys, keyrings.  It’s no secret why these are such an effective gift item, it just makes sense!  We offer a huge range but have seen huge demand for leather look keyrings recently due to their high perceived value and great value.  Metal Keyrings are also a premium option that looks fantastic with a laser engraving.

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6. Picnic Blanket

You never know when the opportunity might present itself for a friendly or even romantic picnic.  That’s why it’s always good practice to have a picnic blanket handy in your vehicle just in case.  Adding your logo creates a memorable connection and a gift that sparks excitement and comfort.

Alfresco Picnic Blankets
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7. First Aid Kits

I couldn’t count the number of times having a first aid kit in the back of the car has been extremely helpful.  Whether it be getting patched up after a bush walk or minor injuries from sports games it’s always a good idea to have this handy.  First Aid kits are also kept for a long period of time so your logo will be one of the first things seen every time the boot is opened.

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These are just some of our favourite choices.  We also stock a huge range over 6000+ products which all can be custom branded with your company logo.  Shop our entire range of promotional products today.

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