Get the word out about your Chiropractic practice with promotional merchandise. You and your customers already know that you do exceptional work, but how do you reach those that don’t?

Promotional products are a “foot in the door” way to create new possible clients, increase client retention and create brand advocates that will do the marketing for you.

Suitable for all ages these 9 products are great ideas as a gift after a session or to be given away at tradeshows or events to attract new business.

1. Stress Bone

If you’ve got a bone to pick with stress and pain, these are the product for you.

Shaped like a bone they’re a good niche product that instantly be associated with your brand.

Bone Stress Toy

2. Bone Pens

Another bone-shaped product. These pens unique shape makes them very memorable. Add a logo print and you have something that’s guaranteed to leave a lasting impressions

Bone Pen

3. Lollipops

Great for kids (and adults) these flavoured lollipops are a great gift after a successful session as a reward for their bravery.

Add a full-colour sticker with your logo to personalise the experience and make the experience positive so they come back again and again.

Lollipops with full colour sticker

4. Lip Balm

Lip balms are a practical year-round gift and a great “wellness” product that all ages and demographics will appreciate receiving.

There are many shapes and flavours available. These are perfect for trade shows or events as well as a gift with session for clients.

Women applying branded lip balm

5. Heat Gel Pad

Hot and cold treatment can assist with pain and swelling. The perfect item to associate your clinic with.

They can be printed on the front with your logo and contact details so whenever they reach for these gel packs your business will be the first ones they call.

Hot and cold pack with print

6. Keyring

The promotional keyring is always a winner for marketing your brand. They’re low cost, available in many materials and designs and are always within arms reach generating multiple brand impressions every single day. It’s hard to find a downside.

Check out our new eco-wooden range of keyrings that your clients will love.

Lifestyle shot of promotional keyrings

7. Bone Shaped USB

A fun gift that’s perfect for students and office workers. Shaped like a bone they’re relevant to your brand and can even be loaded with data such as exercises, videos or other documents that you can give to clients.

Bone Shaped USB Drive

8. Cooling Towels

It’s no doubt that many of your clients will be frequently involved in exercise. And as we all know the Aussie Summer can be a scorcher.

These cooling towels will help stay cool and encourage them to stay active.

Cooling Towel Logo Branded

9. Eco Pens

More and more consumers are now requesting eco-friendly products that represent their values. Eco pens are a practical and positive gift for the environment and your brand.

Pens are great for mail outs, gifts or giveaways.

Eco Pen Image On Book

Create Enduring Connections With Your Clients

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For instance assistance and personalised suggestions contact us today or browse our complete range of products below.

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