Use it or lose it.

Due to careful spending, you’ve managed to finish the year up with some money left in the budget. But time is ticking and June 30th will be here before you know it.

And if it’s not utilised you risk missing a prime opportunity to delight your best clients or build your brand reputation.

Coming up to July every year we help many businesses choose the best promotional product solutions for their EOFY. And would love to help you as well.

But what are the benefits of using EOFY promotional products and how can they be used?

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Why consider using your leftover marketing budget on Promotional Products

There are plenty of marketing channels out there that you could possibly use your spending on.

So what are the benefits of choosing promotional merchandise?

  • Options can be scaled to meet your budget
  • You can save them to be used later
  • People love to receive gifts (promotional products work)
  • Cost-effective marketing channel to build brand awareness and goodwill
  • Taxation benefits
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How do brands use EOFY Promotional Products?

Giving back to staff

Had a successful year?

Why not boost team morale by getting everyone a gift that’s decorated with the company logo?

It’s also a great way to strengthen organisational culture and make connections with those who are working remotely.

Some product examples that are popular include notebooks, brand name pens, apparel, drink bottles, coffee mugs and more.

Promotional LAMY pen colour range

Show appreciation to your best clients

Without clients and loyal customers most business simply couldn’t run.

A small “thank-you” gesture goes a long way in building a relationship and establishing possible future dealings. People do business with people they like.

It’s also another point of difference that allows your company to stand out from your competitors.

When choosing a gift try to choose products that both positively represent your brand and are relvent to the recipient.

Promotional Moleskine notebook open on table

Prepare for upcoming events

When you’re organising an event there are already enough things on your plate to worry about.

How would it feel knowing that you can cross something off the list well in advance?

As promotional items are a tangible product. They can be stored and then used whenever you’re ready. Making them a great task to tick off the list early.

We’d love to help with this as well. Just let us know some details about your event and we can provide suggestions.

Alternatively, if you’ve got a marketing calendar prepared we can have a strategy meeting to map out the best path for ordering.

Cork promotional pencil case with company logo

Run a final promotion for the financial year

With many purchasing decisions being made at the end or start of the financial year it’s a perfect opportunity to nudge your brand to the top of people’s minds.

Why not finish the financial year with a bang and achieve those push goals.

Whether it’s an event, mail-out, giveaway, gift with purchase or corporate gifting there are plenty of options available.

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Summing Up

There’s not much time left before the end of the financial year but don’t stress, we’re here to help.

Our team of experts can provide fast, efficient service so that your order arrives in time without hassle.

Call us today on 1300 303 717 for suggestions tailored to your brand and budget or browse our entire range below to find the best end of financial year promotional products.

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