Carbon Footprint Calculator for Australia.

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Small Business Carbon Footprint Calculator

Simply fill this calculator with figures from your business to calculate your annual Carbon Footprint

Car Travel Emissions

You can calculate the emmisions for each vehicle that helps to run your business - Simply select vehicle type and enter how many kilometers are traveled on business and to and from work in one year.

Type of CarDistance traveled (Km's)Total tons of emmisions
Small Cars (up to 1.8 litres)
Medium Cars (1.9 - 3.0 litres)
Large Cars (3.1 litres +)

Air Travel Emissions

Calculate your emmisions from Air Travel
Enter the total amount of Air Km's your business uses per year
Want to know how many Km's it is from one place to another? click here (don't forget that most trips are return!)

Distance traveled (Km's)Total tons of emmisions
Air Travel

Electricity Emissions

Calculate the emissions produced by your businesses electricity consumption.
Electricity is measured in kilowatt hours (kWh) - your bill should state how much you consume (remember to get bills covering the whole year)

Total kWh/yearTotal tons of emmisions

If you use a renewable energy program enter below what percentage of it is from renewables (your bill will state this)

% Renewables

Gas Emissions

Calculate the emissions produced by your businesses gas consumption.
Gas is measured in MJ, your consumption should be stated in MJ, some gas providers state consumption in units or kWh, simply multiply these numbers by 3.6 to convert to MJ.

Total MJ/year Total tons of emmisions

Office Waste

Calculate the emissions produced by your office.

Number of fulltime employeesTotal tons of emmisions
Office Waste

Carbon Footprint of your office in tonnes
Amount of Australian trees to offset your office Carbon Footprint
Approximate cost to offset your Carbon Footprint (AUD$)

Important notes

This calculator is designed as a rough guide to allow you to get an idea of the carbon 'ballpark' your business is operating in. This calculator has been based on other calculators widely available on the internet. Promotion Products makes no claim, real or implied that this calculator is accurate. If you wish to use this calculator as a basis of claiming your business is Carbon neutral you should verify our figures elswhere or factor in a 'cushion'.

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