It seems everyone has a pen or a waterbottle these days. If you’re tired of the same branded products that you see every day, then these weird and wonderful products may be just the thing you’re looking for! A relative breath of fresh air, the following list should spark some excitement among those who are looking for something truly different:

The Collapsible Travel Mug:

Collapsible Cup Pill Holder Combo

Starting off with something that may not be the strangest promotional item, but will certainly raise some eyebrows, if you’ve ever been wondering how to take your pills while you’re driving then fear no more! This Collapsible Travel Mug comes prepared with a pill holder built in for when you just cant stop and pull over!


Magical Answer Balls:

Magic Answer Ball

If we’re honest, sometimes we all want to see into the future. And while all of our promotional products are of the highest quality to be found on the market, none of them can tell you who will be your true love, or if you’ll get that raise – fortunately for these troubling questions, the Magical Answer Ball has all the, well, answers.


DNA/Fingerprint I.D Kits:


Solving crime one day at a time, these DNA/Fingerprint Kits can help you get answers that maybe the Magical Answer Ball can’t. Proving that being an amateur sleuth is till cool, these kits are an office favourite.


Jar of Knives:

Jar Of Knives Engraved

Taking promotional marketing items from the bizzare to the dangerous, the Jar of Knives is certainly a unique choice, and one that has a lot of potential – after all, how many of your competitors are going to have one of these?


Stethoscope Lights:

Stethoscope Light

Last but certainly not least, the ideal product for….doctors in a power outage? To truly help what your doctor is doing in the operating theater, maybe you should suggest this unique product for your own peace of mind!

If you want something above the ever-popular pen or water bottle, if you find promotional USBs just a little too mainstream, maybe you should have a look at any of these weird and wonderful promotional products!

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