Promotional Products are a tangible representation of your brand and a big marketing opportunity.

They’re also an investment. And like all investments, you want to be getting the best return on your spend.

Answering these questions ensures you are choosing the best products for your organisation.

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Do I know who my target audience is?

Who do you plan on gifting or selling these to? What is their age, interests, gender etc? A solid understanding of your target persona is going to be critical to empathising with what they will want to receive.

Do I have a set goal or objective?

Do you want to increase awareness of your brand, increase customer retention, increase referrals, show appreciation to your staff? etc.

Can I answer in a single sentence what the purpose of this promotion is?

Similar to above, if you can answer this question succinctly in a single sentence you are on the right track.

Is there anything I can do to synergies with other marketing campaigns?

Do you want to pair or use your merchandise in other marketing campaigns such as social media, sales promotion or TV appearances?

Do I have a way to get feedback from recipients on the products I give?

Are you going to have a follow-up discussion with recipients of your products or perhaps send them a survey to gather feedback?

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Do I know what my maximum budget is?

The maximum amount you have set aside for your investment in promotional products.

Do I know how many products I require?

How many recipients do you intend to give these away to?

Do I know how much I want to spend per person?

Simply divide your budget by the number of products required.

Is there other printed material I want to include with my products?

Is it beneficial to include a business card, catalogue or flyer with your products?

Does the product match my brand image?

Such as quality and brand values.

Is the product available in a colour that matches my brand?

Either a complimentary or closely matching colour.

Will every person be receiving the same product? If not do I know who is receiving what?

If everyone is not receiving the same product have a distribution plan to allocate the right products to the right people.

Is this product practical/useful for the recipients?

Is the product something that’s going to get used by the recipients?

Have I considered how the product will be distributed?

Having a plan for getting them into the right hands. Are they going to be mailed, given in person or another way?

Do I have a deadline I need these products by?

Planning ahead of time allows you to find the best option at the lowest prices. If you let the distributor know your deadline they can provide suggestions.

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Do I have a plan if there is leftover or not enough products?

Consider what you can do if you have leftover products. We have this helpful guide on what you can do when this happens.

Do I know what I want to be decorated on the products?

Is it a laser engraving, single colour print or full-colour print? All decorations have their own pros and cons. If you’re ever unsure you can ask a promo expert for suggestions.

Have I considered quirky/creative options if it fits my brand?

Sometimes it’s good to take a risk and be creative so you stand out from the crowd.

Is the decoration area large enough to effectively display my logo/call to action?

Consider the likely distance you would view the product from. Is your logo easily identifiable? Do you have enough space to include your brand slogan etc?

Do I have my logo available in a Vector format?

In order to decorate your product to the highest standard, a vector file is needed. If you don’t have one of these available a graphic artist can redraw your logo.

Wrapping Up

Unsure about any of these questions? That’s okay! We have promo experts that can answer any of your questions or get the ball rolling on ideas for products that will fit your brand.

Call us on 1300 303 717 or put in a request online for immediate help.

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