Hundreds of restaurants around Australia use promotional merchandise every day to push themselves to be the number one dining destination.

You might have the best food in town, but that’s not much good if no one knows who you are!

Brand awareness campaigns get the word out about your restaurant and promotional merchandise allows your biggest fans to show their support.

This list of promotional product ideas for restaurants will improve brand awareness, enhance your patron’s dining experience and improve repeats and referrals for your establishment.

  1. Cooler Bag
  2. Glassware
  3. Aprons
  4. Napkins
  5. Paper Bags
  6. T-Shirts
  7. Reusable Coffee Cups
  8. Reusable Cutlery
  9. Pens
  10. Mints
  11. Coasters

Cooler Bags

With takeaway orders now a significant revenue stream for many restaurants it only makes sense that cooler bags are a natural choice for promoting your brand.

Throw in a cooler bag printed with your restaurant’s logo for orders over a certain value or when they purchase a special item from the menu and you have the recipe for success.

Cooler bags help to keep your food fresh on the day and then get reused at the shopping centre for even more brand awareness.

Promotional grocery style cooler bag on white background


If you’re serving drinks or even allow for BYO, glassware is always going to be a good pick for promoting your brand.

Drinks can serve to be a huge revenue source for restaurants and bars. So it’s important to have a strategy in place that encourages these purchases.

If you want to stand out from the crowd glassware decorated with your brand’s logo is instantly going to make an impression. They also look great on social media.

  • 🎨 Add your logo to promotional glassware
  • Promotional beer glass next to chips and nuts


    Whether you’re looking to add an extra touch of professionalism to your staffs uniform or are running cooking classes and want to give the students something to remember the experience by, an apron is going to be a smart pick.

    There are so many options available, it’s easy to find the perfect apron for your brand.

    Unisex restaraunt aprons worn by models


    Napkins just make sense in a restaurant setting.

    These are perfect for corporate events or fine dining. Personalised napkins add a sense of class and extravagance to any dining experience.

    Custom napkins top down view on table

    Paper Bags

    Again with the rise of takeaway and food delivery eco-friendly paper bags have made a solid showing. They’re lightweight, tough and have a large print area for your logo to be decorated.

    Paper bags are commonly decorated with a print directly onto the bag or a full-colour sticker.

    3 promotional paper bags on white background


    Everyone loves a good quality promotional tee.

    It’s a solid pick for any type of establishment. Whether it’s kitting out your team with matching apparel, selling it as merchandise or giving it away for marketing purposes.

    Popular brands include: AS Colour, Gildan, Sols, Next Level and Stedman.

    Male model wearing blue sols promotional tee shirt

    Reusable Coffee Cups

    It’s no secret that Australian’s love coffee. In fact, Aussies are one of the biggest coffee critics and will travel far and wide for a good cup of coffee.

    After the ABC’s “War on Waste” campaign we made the switch to reusable options such as KeepCups.

    These are great as a merchandise item or a reward for repeat customers.

    Wood pattern promotional reusable coffee cup

    Reusable Cutlery

    All food-related products are going to be great for marketing your restaurant.

    Reusable cutlery is an up and coming eco-product that are only going to get more popular.

    Add your logo and you have a practical gift that will get used when they’re eating.

    Bamboo cutlery set on wooden table next to corn


    A low-cost giveaway that’s always going to be handy to have around.

    Whether it’s to sign the bill or you have them in a bowl that customers can take after they pay for their meal.

    There are hundreds of pen styles available in plastic or metal.

    Colourful branded pens on reflective table


    When it comes to customer service, every little thing adds up to an overall experience.

    Did you know that a study published by the Journal Of Applied Social Psychology found that mints increased the tip amount by up to 23%?

    Maybe you’re not after tips, but it goes to show that a small gesture like this can have a big impact. Besides, the more people with fresh breath the better.

    Pop mint tins with custom printing


    Soft drinks, alcohol and other beverages are critical for restaurants wanting to maximise their revenue.

    By having attractive coasters you can encourage customers to purchase a drink and it’ll keep the table tidy and improve their experience.

    Branded coasters with red drink on top


    The competition among restaurants is tough, but with the right strategy and products, you can stand out from the crowd and tame those hungry bellies.

    Get started on creating some merchandise for your establishment today by getting in touch with us or placing an enquiry online. Our team of experts will serve up a banquet of exciting promotional merchandise that your customers won’t be able to resist.

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