The day has finally arrived and in the air, there is a mix of both nervous energy and excitement.

You know you’re in for a long day but there’s also the opportunity of meeting new prospects and building relationships with existing customers.

You look around to some of the other stands setting up and know it’s going to be a battle to get passerby’s attention.

Fortunately, you were prepared and ahead of time and organised promotional products to be branded with your company logo that you know attendees are going to flock to.

But what are the best product ideas? Here are some of the top tradeshow booth giveaway ideas that are proven to work:

Promotional T-Shirts

The iconic printed tee is a winner for any event. Everyone loves receiving a free t-shirt.

They will attract attendees to your stand on the day and generate impressions for your brand after the event when they’re worn.

There are plenty of styles available from low-cost budget tees to retail quality options from recognised brands.

Promo Tip: Cheaper is not always better. A higher-quality tee will get used more often and last longer. Make sure you meet your target recipient’s expectations.

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Woman wearing promotional t shirt

Promotional Pens

Always popular at trade shows because they’re compact, practical and available at a low cost per unit.

The pen is mightier than the sword in the world of trade shows.

Use them as a giveaway gift or to be used at your stand to complete forms. Pens can easily be displayed at your stand in a large bowl or pen holders.

Consider what type of pen will best resonate with your target audience. A bright plastic pen with a print of your logo or a metal option with a bespoke laser engraving.

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Person using promotional pen for registration

Promotional Lip Balms

Lip balms are another great option because they’re small in size, so can easily be stored in pockets and purses.

There’s nothing worse than being at an event with chapped lips where talking is invertible.

Like an oasis in the desert, your giveaway will be a lifesaver to some and attract prospects from far and wide.

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Woman using branding lip balm

Promotional Mints & Confectionery

Sometimes attendees just need a little burst of energy to keep them going throughout the day.

That’s why these treats are popular (and effective) for attracting people passing by to your stand. Mints will also help to keep everyone’s breath fresh, a nice gift for both attendees and exhibitors.

There are hundreds of tasty options available all of which can be customised with your logo with either a direct print on the packaging or a full-colour printed sticker.

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White jelly bean packet with custom heart of colour foundation print

Promotional Drink Bottles

Depending upon how “valuable” your clients are there are drink bottle options to meet both giveaway and a more premium gifting niche.

Australian made plastic bottles are usually the go-to for trade show giveaways or budget-friendly single wall metal bottles.

But if you are willing to invest a little more there are also plenty of fantastic double-wall options that will keep liquids inside cold for the whole day.

We love recommending drink bottles because they’re reusable and frequently seen. Great for the planet and your brand.

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Woman holding silver promotional drink bottle

Promotional Hand Sanitiser

A must-have product at trade shows and events where attendees are going to be in close proximity with others, shaking hands or using frequently touched surfaces.

Every post-COVID trade show attendee is going to be looking for some hand sanitiser on the day, so make your stand the one that can satisfy this need.

It also creates a positive association with your brand that you are conscious of being safe and also caring about them.

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Promotional hand sanitiser card on top of masks

Promotional Notebooks

If you’re anything like me will forget nearly everything you’ve talked about on the day the moment you leave. That’s why at trade shows I’ll always come prepared with a trusty notebook.

Giving away a notebook is a guaranteed way to ensure your prospects can record down the important information you will be telling them.

It’s also something that can be taken home/back to the office and used again afterwards to generate further impressions.

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Assortment of promotional notebooks on desk with pen

Promotional Reusable Coffee Cups

Join the reusable revolution.

Reusable coffee cups are a great gift idea because they’re eco-friendly, reusable and have a long useful life.

Popularised by KeepCups there are now hundreds of styles available in promo that are affordable and can be in your hands fast.

Promo tip: Consider partnering with the cafe at the venue or one nearby so that attendees that use the coffee cup receive a free coffee or a discount. And encourage them to post photos on social media with your branded hashtag.

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Woman holding promotional wheat husk coffee cup

Promotional Tech Products

With more people using computers, tablets and mobiles to complete their work or day-to-day tasks products that support tech are only going to get more popular.

They’re also something that’s going to get seen frequently.

Great options in this category include phone cases, charging cables, phone grips, screen cleaners, mouse mats, earbuds and more.

QR codes have also become a popular print decoration that works well with any tech-related product.

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Man using promotional cork mouse mat with wireless mouse

Bottled Water

Water becomes a valuable commodity to those who have been walking around the trade show for a couple of hours.

Usually, a sponsor to the trade show will provide bottled water on entry. But having water at your stand is also an effective giveaway product.

It will keep your staff hydrated and attract those who have either already consumed their existing water or didn’t receive one.

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Bottled water with custom label

Summing Up

Promotional merchandise is one of the key ingredients in the recipe for a successful tradeshow exhibit.

This list above includes some of the most popular product types we frequently supply businesses exhibiting at trade shows and events.

But just because it’s not on the list doesn’t mean it won’t work. With thousands of products available, there are huge opportunities to be creative and stand out.

We’d love to collaborate and help you select products for your customers and personas that will work.

Our team of experts are waiting and ready to assist, feel free to call us on 1300 303 717 or get in contact with us online.

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