With a huge portion of people sitting at a desk for a majority of their workday, marketers are missing a huge opportunity if they neglect desktop promotional merchandise in their marketing suite.

The work from home revolution is only going to make these products even more popular. As many workers now have a hybrid setup, using two different desks throughout the week.

So what are the best products to keep your brand top of mind? These are our favourite desktop promotional products:

Coffee Mugs and Coffee Cups

A huge portion of Australia starts their day off with the morning coffee ritual.

Whether it’s instant coffee from the kitchen or barista made, a coffee cup or coffee mug is going to be essential in this process.

If you can get your brand into their hands it’s going to boost your brand visibility significantly and keep your organisation top of mind next time they have a problem your business solves.

Coffee mugs are also a fun merchandising item that can be given to staff to strengthen company culture and build team comradery.

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Woman holding promotional coffee mug

Wireless Chargers

Lets face it, cables are annoying.

Wireless chargers are here to make your life easier. Especially if you just need a quick top-up.

Most smartphones on the market now have wireless charging capabilities so you can simply plug the charger into your PC or laptop and you’ll be ready to go.

Wireless chargers are a practical addition to any workspace while still keeping things tidy.

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Black promotional wireless charger

Mouse Mats

If you’re at a desk, you’re more than likely also going to have a computer setup.

With any computer, you’re more than likely going to be using a mouse and keyboard.

Mouse mats help to protect the desk surface underneath from scratches and also helps to improve the accuracy and smoothness while using the mouse.

Mouse mats are a great low-cost way to get your logo seen for long periods of time throughout the day and can even be easily mailed out due to their thin size.

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Heather promotional mousemat on desk

Sticky Notes

While there are applications and computer programs out there that try to replicate the sticky note nothing will ever be quite as good as the real thing.

From notetaking to brainstorming the sticky note will not go astray with any desk workspace.

With so many colour options and styles, it’s easy to find some sticky notes that will… make your brand stick.

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Promotional sticky note cubes on white background


There’s nothing worse than those stubborn water rings you will commonly see on desks where a coaster hasn’t been used!

Fortunately, the prevention is easy and required literally zero effort.

Coasters pair perfectly with a coffee mug and have a large decoration area for brand visibility. They can also easily be sent out via post if required.

There are so many options available including eco-friendly bamboo.

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Glass tumblers on promotional bamboo coasters

Pens & Highlighters

Highlighters or pens are both going to have a place at any work desk.

They’re always needed for highlighting important figures, jotting down notes or recording information.

Did you know that you are actually more likely to remember something if you handwrite it than if you type it. So don’t rule the pen and pad out just yet!

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Drink Bottles

Hydration across the nation.

It’s believed that up to 80% of Australian adults suffer dehydration. And there is a list a mile long of the benefits consuming enough water each day has for health.

So drink bottles are always a favourite suggestion for us. The more people that drink more water and ditch single-use bottles the better!

There are now plenty of attractive options now available including double-wall vacuum bottles that will keep your water cold all day.

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Summing Up

The desk is a location where many of us spend a large portion of the week so it only makes sense that products that get used in this setting are going to be effective.

Above are just some of our favourite ideas for desktop promotional products but is in no way the limit of what will work.

Want some more ideas. Get in touch with one of our experts today on 1300 303 717 for a strategy meeting.

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