Environmentally Friendly Promotional Products

Environmentally Friendly Promotional Products make for Greener Promotions. Promotion Products was the first in our industry to develop and actively market Green Promotional Products. We have been a Carbon Neutral Business for over a year so are dedicated to help your promote greener.

We are proud to re-launch our range of Enviro Products - this is Australia's most comprehensive range giving you many promotional options.

Promotion Products specialises in providing Green Promotional Products such as Eco Bags to both government and Business. The costs you see are Australia's best value - they include decoration and set up costs. We look forward to helping you with your Green promotion - call us at anytime on 1300 303 717 for assistance.

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Carbon Neutral Business

Environmentally Friendly Promotional Products such as Promotional Seedsticks, Printed Tote Bags and Promotional Shower Timers have become hugely popular in the last 12 months.

These are a new type of Promotional Product. We have developed six distinct criteria for a product to be categorised as an Environmentally Friendly Promotional Product. Here are the categories:-

Recycled Promotional Products (RPP) > products made from recycled materials.

Australian Made Promotional Products (AMPP) > any product where the main components or cost components are locally made. This cuts the carbon required to transport the product thus making it a bit friendlier to the environment.

Carbon Offset Promotional Product (COPP) > a promotional product thats carbon footprint has been calculated and offset by the planting of trees.

Waste Reducing Promotional Product (WRPP) > a promotional item that encourages reduction in consumption of other materials, commonly a product that can be used time after time.

Green Educating Promotional Product (GEPP) > a promotional product that educates or reinforces a green or environmentally friendly message.

Green Promotional Product (GPP) > a promotional product that has a positive effect on the environment.

We look forward to helping you with your Green Promotion - the Promotion Products Team.

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