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Here you will find our fantastic range of Serpent themed promotional merchandise.  The products feature an Indigenous themed under print with alongside your logo!  It looks fantastic, is fast and easy.  Get a quote with us today.

Serpent Range Of Promotional Products

Welcome to the only range of Promotional Products in Australia that have a handy under-print of an Indigenous themed serpent.   We add your logo to the existing design to create a unique product with your logo; it's fast and easy!

Are you a Government Or Government Funded Buyer?  We are Government and Not-For-Profit Specialists: Get an automatic 30 day account (limits apply), get FREE logo redraws and FREE virtual mock-ups, get quotes back within an hour! plus  a dedicated Account Manager!

All products on here include serpent style under-print and your logo print too! Contact us to get a quote on these products and any of our totally custom-made products on other web pages.

Top selling categories of products that we can up your logo on!

#1: Water Bottles branded with logos these functional bottles products have a myriad of uses: too many to mention!

#2: Tote Bags - with a massive branding space logo printed tote bags have been THE growth category of the last decade.

#3: Plastic Pens - no surprises here: printed plastic pens are the ultimate giveaway because of their low price and functionality.

#4: T Shirts - a wearable that is as popular now as it was 10 years ago - great designs are what sets T Shirts apart.

#5: Coffee Mugs - marketing to your clients whilst they are at their desks is a smart promotional strategy - coffee mugs are the best for this.

#6: Caps - Get a'head' pf your competitors is the cheesy catch phrase associated with head wear - the effectiveness of caps is unquestionable.

#7: Cooler Bags - promoting to clients in leisure time is a highly effective promotional strategy and cooler bags do just that.

#8: Confectionery - 10 years ago we sold little to no branded confectionery - these sweet little surprises and the rising star of the promo world.

#9: Metal Pens - clients love metal pens:  it's as simple as that, this category gets the highest amount of repeat business in the land.

#10: Notepads - very old skool and very popular!  Ideal for conferences, events, hotels and motels to name a few applications - how do you use yours?

What Promotional Items work for you and how do you use them? - we would love to hear from you.
The Promotion Products Team