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Behind the Lens of Wholesale Sunglasses

More than just being a fashion accessory, sunglasses are now used as a necessity. They serve as protection from direct sunlight and small debris that may be harmful to our eyes. And now, sunglasses have also proved to be one of the effective business gifts and promotional products in the market. And for promoters to get the products in a lesser expensive rate, they opt to buy Wholesale Sunglasses, which is actually a smart option. With Wholesale Sunglasses, you are assured that the designs are uniform and consistent. Strategies for Wholesale Sunglasses Promotion
  • Special promotional packages. This is selling Wholesale Sunglasses with additional perks that are included in a package. The package is usually comprised of the sunglass, lens cleaner, and container. Having three items in a cheaper price is a good buy for business gifts.
  • Bundled sales. For Wholesale Sunglasses, you can order in bulk and still save money for other promotions. Some malls put up their products on like just like the buy-three-take-one tactic. If listed as sales, it will be counted as if four items were actually sold.
  • Upselling: this is a common strategy used during mall sales. They slightly increase the original price of the product then come up with the buy this get one for free scheme. Customers barely notice this since they are more preoccupied with the free item that they can get from the Wholesale Sunglasses.
Wholesale Sunglasses and Its Accessories The following items are perfect combinations for your sunglasses.
  • Sunglass cases. A case where people can store their sunglasses is the primary accessory that consumers often look for when they purchase Wholesale Sunglasses. This is an essential accessory since it prevents the lenses from being scratched and for the frames and arms to maintain their shapes. There are two common types of sunglass cases and they are the hard shell and mesh bag. Hard shells give better protection, but they are bulkier than mesh bag.
  • Repair kits. They are usually composed of extra spare parts that are prone to get detached or lost. A kit may contain screws, nose piece, and handy tools.
  • Cleaning cloths. It is important that we wipe the lenses regularly to maintain the clarity of the lens. There are specialised materials used as cleaning cloth, so that the lenses would not be scratched.
  • Replacement lenses. These are important accessories because people can replace their scratched lenses with ease. They do not have to look for the replacements.
  • Sunglass cords. This is a common demand for kids and older people. The cord accessory is perfect for Wholesale Sunglasses. The primary purpose of these cords is to keep the glasses in firm place around your neck, preventing it from falling and getting damaged.
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