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Company Branded Clocks for Promotional Advertising

Promotional clocks are effective in spreading your company message. Because everyone needs them to know what the time is, they constantly look at their watches and clocks. For years, company Branded Clocks have remained to be one of the top choices as event and trade show products. Here are some clocks you can choose from:
  • A miniature sundial clock. Do you want a taste of history? Why not use this clock. They are perfect for display and a real eye-catcher. When a person looks at your sundial, they will know where it came from and they will be informed about your business.
  • Astronomical clock. These clocks are perfect event and trade show products. They do not only tell time, they also give information about the sun's position, moon's phases, astrological signs, and more. These clocks date back to second-century BC.
  • Candle clock. A perfect partner for a candle-light dinner with some vintage touch. These clocks work best during nighttime. They are recorded to be from the Chinese about the sixteenth century.
  • Pendulum clock. Discovered by the Italian physicist Galileo Galilei, these notable Branded Clocks are preferred because of its accuracy in telling time. It is actually the swinging of the pendulum that makes it accurate. Not until the quartz clock has been discovered, the pendulum clock was the most accurate method of telling time.
  • An elegant quartz clock. This perfectly designed clock can be customised to be sophisticated as possible. Made based from an electronic signal produced by a crystal oscillator. It is extremely reliable in time keeping and for promotional advertising.
  • World clock. Absolutely ideal for businessmen who travel around the world, this world clock (basing from its name) tells time in various countries around the globe. They also have major time zones.
  • Promotional stopwatch. Need to be on the go for exercises and sports? Choose your stopwatch as company Branded Clocks. They are designed to measures marks your start time to your stop point.
  • A miniature clock tower. Want an extraordinary corporate gift? Why don't you give away London's clock tower? Of course the miniature one. These clock towers have four clocks that face on each of the four sides of the tower. Engraving your company name to it will surely be a hit.
  • A vintage grandfather clock. These attention-grabbing time teller is perfect as events and trade show products. If you are that grateful enough, make this as a raffle draw prize that would even catch new customers.
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