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Promotional Confectionary

Promotional Lollies or Promotional Confectionary have been a popular promotional vehicle in Australia for around 5 years now.  Our American cousins tell us that this product category is massive in North America - far bigger than Australia.

Promotion Products Pty Ltd has responded to the growth in popularity in this product by marketing an extensive range of promotional lollies.

Promotional Lollies can be catagorised as edibles that, or its packaging, can accomodate your logo,branding or message. Here's an example: Branded Mints.

Ranging from low cost items like mint cards (opposite) to large drums of toffees not only are these products good enough to eat they can all feature your logo or message.

To get a quote on any of the brandable edibles on the above site simply get a quote  or give Promotion Products a call on 1300 303 717.

NB Promotion Products recommends the responsible consumption of confectionery. Small children should not be left unattended with large drums of toffees, some adults should not be left unattended with large drums of toffees. 

Consumption of large quantities of confectionery may result in weight gain, if in doubt seek advice from a medical practioner before buying 5000 tins of lollies.  

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