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Conference Pads - Choose the Design

The popularity of Conference Pads is a result of its innate properties. Rare and elegant, they are not commonly used in promotions that only give them a heightened sense of expectation among the public. No wonder why businesses using them as promotional items reap from the benefits from using a product held in high regard by the public. But just like other promotional materials, the pads also come in various designs that may be a source of confusion for some business executives. The following are some of the various designs of Conference Pads:
  • According to shape. Most promotional Conference Pads are rectangular in shape. Their dimensions may vary from as big as 36 inches by 18 inches to as small as a mat for placing mugs or a glass of cold beverage on. Other shapes of the pad are available in square, circle, oblong and trapezoidal.
  • According to Colour. Black is the most common colour although brown and mahogany are also available. Still, others come in unconventional designs such as a leopard print or those sporting tribal patterns commonly seen only in tattoos. Among mouse pads, gaming, and anime characters are common.
  • According to Material. Most Conference Pads are made from leather. This is the reason why most of them are considered to be elegant materials. Other variants are made from moisture-resistant fabric while others are made from rubber. However, the two last-named pales in comparison with the elegance and popularity of pads made from leather.
  • Features. A standard feature in pads used in offices as table top implement is a furrow on top of the pad. This little canal is around a foot long and is there for the purpose of placing pens on. This furrow replaces the old pen holder, which is sometimes discarded especially if having it makes the table look crowded. Another feature of most pads is the rounded corners that are designed to avoid possible injury. Some Conference Pads Sydney do come with a special area where office lamp shades may be attached to the pad. However, this particular feature is not as common as any of the others previously mentioned.
  • Usage. Being a table top implement is just one of the uses of Conference Pads. Other uses are for a table mat especially those made from hardened rubber and for wall decorations or for protection of exposed cabinet tops.

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