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Corporate Gift Giving Using Embroidered Business Shirt

One of the dilemmas some companies have when it comes to giving out promotional gifts during certain times of the year, like on holidays and when new products or services are made available, is what to give their corporate partners during these times. They often consult with promotional companies for their needs and oftentimes the promotional products that they find themselves giving out include corporate pens, corporate planners, and other similar items. One of the things you should consider for such an idea is an Embroidered Business Shirt. Not only are these good to give out to corporate partners as giveaways, they are also good to give to some of your own executives to wear as dress shirts to be worn for special company events. Different Kinds of Shirts for This Use There are actually a number of different kinds of shirts that would do well for use with an Embroidered Business Shirt idea. A lot of promotional companies who specialize in these kinds of promotional products will often have a number of choices for you to pick from. A lot of these companies also have customization options available for their clients as well should they find that the kinds of shirts that they want or the cloth that they desire to have these shirts in are not available. Here are some of the popular choices that are made available to you when you are looking for the right Personalised Embroidered Business Shirt from the promotional companies you consult with:
  • Teflon Poplin Shirts. Made with poly cotton poplin and protected with a coat of Teflon fabric protection, this kind of a shirt is often a popular choice promotional companies present you with. This is due to the many colors it comes in and to the many different styles you can get it in.
  • Chambray Shirts. These are also one of the most popular dress shirt types that are used for this purpose. Made with 80 percent cotton and 20 percent polyester, these shirts are comfortable to wear and yet still dressy enough to be worn as a business shirt or an undershirt for your office suits.
  • Madison Shirts. These are also chosen by a lot of companies for their corporate shirts due to the fact that these have the classic corporate look that they want these shirts to have. Made with 100 percent cotton, these shirts often have long sleeves, a chest pocket, a button down collar, and double-buttoned cuffs. These can be ordered in a number of colors as well and in sizes that range from small to triple extra large.
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