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Custom Pens and Other Logo Products for Advertising

There are a lot of ways you can boost your marketing ideas and one of the tried and tested ways is with the use of custom products like Custom Pens and custom desk items. Advertising products have been used to help boost the popularity of a brand, a company or even an event and these products are actually invaluable when it comes to creating brand recognition. These products can even foster appreciation since people do get these things for free and this will add to the good feeling people will feel about your brand and your company. Different Kinds of Custom Pens There are a lot of different kinds of Custom Pens you can use for your marketing campaigns. Advertising products and custom products like notepads, t-shirts, and stickers can also be used with these pens when you are planning a major marketing campaign. Here are some of the different kinds of pens you can use for this idea:
  • Stick pens. These are your basic pens and these have the usual cap and stick body that ballpoint pens come in. These are available in a variety of colours and you can easily have your company name or company slogan printed on the body of the pen. These are also essentially the cheapest of the Custom Pens you can get for your marketing drives.
  • Click pens. These are basically pens that retract and extend. You can sometimes find these with rubber grips, without rubber grips, with multiple tips in different colours in one pen casing, and even in streamlined designs that make them easier to grip. These also come in a multitude of colours and can easily be imprinted with your company slogan and company name. These are slightly more expensive than stick pens.
  • Executive pens. These are still considered part of the list of Custom Pens that can be used as marketing tools. However, these are given out to some of the corporate partners and customers of companies who use these advertising products in marketing. These usually come in lovely cases and are made with the materials like silver, titanium, and others. These can also be given to corporate clients as part of a corporate gift package that may include other personalized and customized items with your company logo and name on them. These often have roller ballpoints or are fountain pens, which make them more expensive than click pens and stick pens that are usually ballpoint pens.
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