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Designs of Promotional Stubby Holders

If your company is seeking to use stubby holders for promotions, be careful to select the design because there are many of them available in the market today. Most stubby holders are classified according to the size the holder is made from. However, many Promotional Stubby Holders in promotions these days are chosen in the first place not with size but with the material used as the primary consideration. The following common materials are used in making stubby holders:
  • The most popular of the materials today is neoprene. Lightweight and resistant to moisture, they do not absorb the "sweat" from your cold beer can so that your beer will not be heavy as you empty its contents. Moreover, this ability to resist moisture helps in preserving the integrity of the holder.
  • Another material used is foam with rubber padding. This is similar to the design of most mouse pads today. The main advantage of this is that it is cheap and so can be bought in large quantities. However, the ability to resist moisture is not as good as holders made from neoprene.
  • Plastic film is another material used in making Promotional Stubby Holders. This material is made from several layers of film but is not really good in keeping moisture at bay. Nonetheless, this is the cheapest of the lot. This is why companies buy them in large numbers. However, because of the tendency of the plastic film to lose its integrity when used, holders made from film are often treated as disposable items.
  • There are some Promotional Stubby Holders whose appearance is patterned after some common items. One example here is a holder for men whose print is the silhouette of a woman's body. When drinking beer, one will not have to look far for that sexy body.
Size Counts Too In cases of personalised gifts like corporate clothing, the size of the promotional product is very important. If the product will not fit the person the material is intended for, the promotions is of no good. In Promotional Stubby Holders, the size is important because of the varying sizes of beverage containers. Glass bottles and beer mugs come in different sizes. So it is important to see to it that the holder for them will hug the container nicely. Otherwise, the grip on the container will not be that strong.
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