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Enhance Name Recall with Corporate Pens

Anyone who says that he or she does not have a penchant for writing is probably lying. While it is true that not all may be employed gainfully in the writing business, it is an outright lie to say that one does not have any inclination for it. After all, the simple act of writing down recipes, of taking note of something one hears over the radio, or of jotting down notes on some road signs are all indicative of man's passion for writing. In case you are wondering what all this can help you in promoting your company, the answer is to promote your business by giving out free corporate pens. In this way, you will create a presence for your company in every place that the pen is used. Why Use Corporate Pens Writing pens are one of the most commonly seen objects anywhere in the world. From schools to offices, writing is required at some point, so a pen will always be around. While it is true that there is much other promotional material that you can use for your promotions drive, there is none that is as efficient as distributing corporate pens. The following are some of the advantages of using them for enhancing name recall of your company:
  • Corporate pens are far less costly than other promotional items in use today. For a comparison, a pen costs only a fraction of what a promotional shirt, umbrella, cap, or even towel will cost. Although it may be a bit costly than a lanyard, remember that a pen is more likely to be used than ID lanyards.
  • Pens are usually displayed prominently in offices and school. Even when one keeps it on one's pocket, it will nonetheless catch attention once it is used. This attribute is what makes a pen an efficient promotional material that brings you advantages no other items can.
  • Pens will remain in use for a long time. Based on studies, the average life span of a pen at home is about two years and about a year in offices and schools. This length of time is also the amount of time that you have your advertisement "alive." Moreover, because Printed Corporate Pens are held by people in high esteem, even when they do run out of their original load of ink, it can still be put to use by simply refilling them.
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