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How Much Are Bic Lighters?

Bic Lighters Pricing

When people hear of something that is made by a popular company, the first thing that comes to mind is that it must be expensive. This is not always the case. As the frequent rule in this world, there are always exceptions to the rule. In the world of lighters, this exception is provided by Bic lighters. Despite the fact that it has become a household name among lighters, Bic's products are not pricey as one may be inclined to think. So in case you are one of those wondering how much do Bic's lighters cost, here are some of the common variants and their respective price:

  • It is expensive to hire a Playboy playmate to keep your nights warm, but with a Bic Playboy lighter, it is not out of your reach. As low as $0.95, this is the one Playboy that can preserve your body heat without torching your pockets.
  • For music lovers, Bic lighters are also available in designs that are printed with images of rock stars from U2's Bono to today's Aerosmith and Metallica. Aside from rock stars, rap icons like Eminem and Snoop Dogg are also common images on lighters. Such variant is a good idea for personalised gifts. How much do they cost? Just $0.95!
  • Have you been to a pub on a Friday night and the bouncer is so doubtful of your age that he began to ask your date of birth and your zodiac sign and you missed your astrology symbol? Well then, zodiac lighters from Bic are what you need. With this around, you won't have to fan through your brain trying to remember exactly what your symbol is. How much does it cost to keep reminded of your zodiac sign? Only $90! Isn't that a lot less than what the fortune teller charged you for allowing her to guess your future?
  • Anniversary Bic lighters are also available. These lighters can still be modified to make them fit with the anniversary the lighter is intended for. Perfect for wedding anniversaries, birthdays or maybe to celebrate a career achievement like being promoted at work. This type of lighter goes for only $1.25.
  • Some Bic lighters are used as promotional items. This variant is usually blank on the casing, which is preserved for the use of the business that will order it for promotions. Without designs on the outside, they cost a lot less only between $.50 to $.75.

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