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Incomparable Business Promotions with Printed Stubby Holders

With the tight competition in the business world, thinking outside the box is a very critical quality that advertisers must have. This becomes their best weapon against their competitors. Customers tend to pay attention on advertising items that are quite out of the ordinary. Traditional advertising items may not have lost their lustre, but items that are making some noise are those that are new to consumers. One of these are Printed Stubby Holders. Printed Stubby Holders are used to keep beverages cold, may it be bottled or canned, even after exposure to room temperature. It is a hollow cylinder made of neoprene or latex that is inserted around the container. Advantages of Printed Stubby Holders Here are the advantages of using Custom Printed Stubby Holders to promote your business.
  • Inexpensive. Since it is made of cheap lightweight materials such as latex and neoprene, they are inexpensive compared to other advertising items.
  • Durable. The neoprene material used is a durable type of plastic foam, which allows it to be used for a couple of times.
  • Easy to customise. Due to its flexible material, it can be easily customised to a design of your choice.
  • Brand recognition. Every one drinks a bottle of beer, a can of soda, or a glass of milk. With this, everyone is likely to use a stubby holder. You get to have a wider range of target market that can read your company name.
Advertising Features of Printed Stubby Holders Your advertising items are clear reflection of the company brand you are trying to promote. So it is just as important that you know the basics when choosing stuff as your advertising items. Printed Stubby Holders make an ideal promotional item because it possesses the following qualities:
  • Informative. Compared to the traditional pens and lanyards, Printed Stubby Holders have ample space where you can print out your company logo and a few more information you would want to impart to your customers.
  • Frequently used. When an advertising item is frequently used, there is a bigger chance for it to be constantly remembered by customers. And with Printed Stubby Holders used in places such as bars and pubs where a lot of people can see and use it, it surely does qualify as an effective advertising item.
  • Inexpensive. The material used for Printed Stubby Holders is not expensive, and it does not look cheap as well.
  • Attractive. The holders can have intricate designs and vibrant colours. Nothing makes advertising items more successful than getting the attention of customers.
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