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Keep Your Cool with Promotional Stubby Coolers

Stubby coolers are the insulated plastic hugging the bottle that is commonly used to preserve the coldness of specific drinks. This has been a commodity in concerts, bars, and other events that include drinking and festivity. For this reason, this has given rise to Promotional Stubby Coolers. Marketing experts have realised that if this item is commonly used in events with a multitude of people, then this poses a great potential to promote brand awareness. Unlike corporate clothing, stubby coolers are way cheaper and more functional. Customers love to receive free items, more so if they will be of great use to them. Why You Should Choose Promotional Stubby Coolers
  • Usability. Stubby coolers are known to keep your beverage cool in extended periods of time. This is such a great pleasure for people who love to drink and preserve its iciness after some period of time. If you are in a concert, you still get to enjoy the cold drink and have fun. Surely these people will remember the brand or company who distributed it.
  • Unique. This is a major key player for promotional items to stand out. having unique items to distribute, such as these Promotional Stubby Coolers will play to your advantage. Gone are the days when people were amazed of promotional pens and corporate clothing. Using something that is not often seen in the market can lead to wide acceptance from the public.
  • Sufficient printing space. It has an average size large enough to accommodate your brand logo and tag line without having to worry if it will fit or not. If customers can see and read clearly your brand, then the more likely they are going to remember it. And not only for one potential customer, but other people will be able to read what was printed because of its appropriate printing size.
  • Widely available. A lot of suppliers have already included Promotional Stubby Coolers in their lists and is therefore easy to find one should you decide to give it as your advertising item. Online shops have also been widely accepting orders for these stubby holders. with just one click, you're ready to go. Just make sure you choose your supplier wisely.
  • Affordable. Compared to corporate clothing and sports bags, Promotional Stubby Coolers are cheaper. You would be able to come up with more products with a small budget you have at hand.

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